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Copy & Paste images with Julia


pkg> add ImageClipboard


Just like clipboard in InteractiveUtils deals with string contents, this package provides clipboard_img to work with image contents:

using Images, ImageClipboard

# Create a random image
img = rand(RGB{N0f8}, 100, 200)

# Copy the image to the clipboard

# Paste the image from the clipboard
img2 = clipboard_img()

# These are the same images
img == img2  # true

Sample screenshots

Copy an image

Paste an image

Julia Compatibility

For Julia versions older than v"1.3", you need to manually install the image IO backend ImageMagick.jl first.

Other related packages

  • ClipData.jl enables users to copy/paste to/from Excel, Google Sheets, and other tabular data sources into interactive Julia sessions.