bootstrap3 style for typehead.js using bootstrap 3 mixins and variables.
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Bootstrap3 style for typeahead.js using Bootstrap 3 mixins and variables.

Based on the solution of @kuroe

Tested with PhantomJS and Chorme, with Bootstrap 3.1.1 and typeahead.js 0.10.2


For typeahead.js under 0.10.0, use 0.1.x instead.







see #6

background-color changed to @dropdown-link-hover-bg instead of @dropdown-link-active-bg


typeahead.js 0.10.0 has a big change, so does this less file.

From 0.2.0 you should now uses input-lg or input-sm to contorl input sizes instead of using input-group-lg or input-group-sm. This is consistent with original bootstrap's usage.

Notice: .input-group with no .input-group-addon is no longer supported. input in such .input-group will no longer have its border-radius set.


This is a stylesheet for typeahead.js, which makes your "typeaheaded" input control looks same as Bootstrap 3's.

Using mixins and variables provided by Boostrap 3, This stylesheet is useful when you applied custom theme to Boostrap for your site, because the change you made in variables and mixins will be applied to your "typeaheaded" input control automatically.

This stylesheet requires mixins.less and variables.less of Bootstrap 3. If you are not using Boostrap's mixins and variables in your site, you can use compiled css file with default colors and sizings of Boostrap instead.

How to use

install with bower: bower install typeahead.js-bootstrap3.less.

see example/example.html

-if you have less source files of Bootstrap in your project:

import this file to your site's less stylesheet after mixins.less and variables.less


// variables and mixins of Bootstrap
@import "variables.less";
@import "mixins.less";

/* other Bootstrap or custom modules */

@import "typeahead.less";

-if you have no less source files of Bootstrap in your project:

link compiled css file to your site.


This repo is here because this Issue, and is based on the solution of @kuroe

Also thanks to contribution of @emrah @JoshAshby @jeffbowen


Code released under the MIT license