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A little web chat / PHP / no-login / [GERMAN UI]
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qChat - the simple chat for everyone!


  • What is qChat?

    • qChat is a simple, websocket-based online Chatroom-Application!
  • Can I use it for myself?

    • Of course you can! It's open source! Just make sure to credit @marvinborner and @hyteyt!

Installation Guide

  1. git clone it into your web server path
  2. Go into assets/php/Server/ directory and install server files with composer install
  3. Cd into assets/php/Server/src/ and execute php createDB.php (sqlite3 required)
  4. Edit the websocket IP in the assets/js/main.js file according to your servers IP (you can also use a DynDNS)
  5. Run to start the server normally or -p to start it as a daemon.


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