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Hyara is plugin that provides convenience when writing yararule.

The plugin is currently undergoing a major revision!


Start Screen and Options

  • When you run Hyara, it docks itself to the right and docks the output window to the left.
  • After specifying the address, press the Make button to show the specified hexadecimal or strings as a result.
  • The results are saved in the table below when you click Save.
  • If you double-click the table, you can clear the rule.
  • You can modify the values to wildcards by right clicking after dragging.

  • Export Yara Rule
    • Exports the previously created yara rules.

  • Right Click
    • You can select either start address or end address. (IDA Pro, Cutter)

  • Comment Option
    • Annotates the instructions next to the condition rule(s).
  • Rich Header and imphash
    • Adds rich header and imphash matching to the rule.
  • String option
    • This option extracts strings within the range specified.


IDA Pro & BinaryNinja

  • IDA Pro

    pip install -r requirements.txt
    • copy and hyara_lib folder to $ida_dir/plugins
    • Activate via Edit -> Plugins -> Hyara (or CTRL+SHIFT+Y)
  • BinaryNinja

    • Just use the plugin manager!
    • Activate via View -> Other Docks -> Show Hyara


  • Windows

Check the python version installed in the cutter and install it.

C:\\Users\\User\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python3X\\python.exe -m pip install -I -t $cutter_dir/python3X/site-packages -r requirements.txt

copy, and hyara_lib folder to $cutter_dir/plugins/python/Hyara

  • Linux

cp -r /tmp/.mount_Cutter5o3a5G/usr /root

Check the python version installed in the cutter and install it.

pip3.X install -I -t /root/usr/lib/python3.X/site-packages -r /root/Hyara/requirements.txt
./Cutter-v2.0.3-x64.Linux.AppImage --pythonhome /root/usr

copy, and hyara_lib folder to /root/.local/share/rizin/cutter/plugins/python/Hyara

Activate via Windows -> Plugins -> Hyara

Ghidra (WIP)

Install Ghidrathon (Installation Guide) to use Hyara Plugin.

pip install PySide2 or pip install PySide6
  • Windows

copy and hyara_lib folder to C:\\Users\\User\\.ghidra\\.ghidra.X.X.X\\Extensions\\Ghidrathon-X.X.X\\data\\python\\

# Window -> Ghidrathon
import Hyara_Ghidra


  • GUI-based
  • Supports IDA, BinaryNinja, Cutter and Ghidra.
  • YaraChecker
    • Tests the yararule on the fly.
  • YaraDetector
    • Shows which part is detected in the sample loaded to disassembler, and when "Address" is clicked, it moves to the corresponding address on the disassembler view.
  • YaraIcon
    • Creates yara rules for icon resources embedded in the PE.


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