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Several new graphics, voice overs, and bug fixes.

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This release features various bug fixes, Unicode graphics for TTY, several new GUI graphics, and voice acting for Archaeologist and Barbarian quests.

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Fixed a bug on the Elemental Plane of Air.

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This is the Pre-Alpha 2 version of GnollHack 4.1.0 with voice acting, new animations and graphics, and several new game play features.

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This is a technology demo for the new GUI of GnollHack 4.1.0 Pre-Alpha.

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GnollHack 4.0.23


This is a large update to GnollHack. It includes the following features:

General changes:

  • Each monster has a short description that tells what it is or does (shown in '/').
  • Improved crowning gifts greatly. Monk has a pair of artifact gauntlets as crowning gift, archeologist the Holy Grail, and knight the Rhongomyniad, the lance of King Arthur. Knight's quest artifact restored to be the Magic Mirror of Merlin. Wizard and priest receive a chestful of items rather than artifacts.
  • Skill system has been changed so that skill level influences also the per-level bonuses to-hit with weapons and success chance with spells, in addition to the normal bonuses they give.
  • Pets get now chastised if they try to eat food from shops.
  • You can now pray to cure teleportitis.
  • You can now dilute potions and wash scrolls in a sink.
  • Radius for pets to join you when going upstairs or downstairs is now SQRT(8), up from just next to you.
  • Improved the artifact system to allow for timed invocation effects.
  • Inventory shows when the artifact is repowering (invocation not available).
  • Examine shows now average weapon damage and the AC that you can hit with 50% and 5% probability with that weapon.
  • Examine tells when an item is formally fully identified.
  • Examine now more accurately shows invocation effect stats.
  • Pickup_thrown is now on by default and also without autopickup being on.
  • Enchantment now gives +1 AC and +1/3 MC per +1 enchantment.
  • Improved the way warning signs (0-6) are shown to be more relevant.
  • You can use steeds' breath weapons while riding them.
  • You can see if you are grabbed on the status line.
  • You can ask peaceful monsters for adventuring advice.
  • Eating a lizard corpse gives you 13 round immunity to petrification.
  • Difficulty of monsters has been balanced, and they are much less dangerous than in the previous version.
  • Encounter difficulties have been balanced, and they are more appropriate for the character now.
  • Several bug fixes.

New status lines:

  • Status line 3 now uses the entire row and displays all player statuses on one row.
  • There are now new status lines 4-8 that can be used to show pet statistics.
  • You can turn them on by using statuslines:X option, where X is the number of status lines.

New options:

  • autostatuslines: In curses interface, there is an autostatuslines option. By setting it on, the game automatically balances the show statuslines and message lines to be equally distributed. The statuslines option then determines the minimum number of statuslines shown.
  • partymultiline: Shows one pet per line.
  • partydetails: Shows pet AC and MC in addition to HP normally shown.
  • partylinecolor: Toggles coloring of party status lines on and off.
  • classic_colors: Toggles the new Gehennom colors on and off.

Improvements to roles:

  • Tourist has now a powerful pet called 'luggage', which is a golem/mimic-like moving travelling trunk made of sapient pearwood (from Discworld). It grows from small luggage all the way to giant luggage, which can devour opponents. Tourist starts now with a wand of teleportation and a ring of teleport control, and has a +2 Hawaiian t-shirt.
  • Archeologist starts now with a hand crossbow, some normal quarrels, 6 electrified quarrels, and a wand of digging. Leather jacket is now +2.
  • Priest has been improved with better starting equipment and over 10 new spells.

Improvements to the spell system

  • There are now two new clerical spell schools: Celestial and Nature
  • All spells may have verbal, somatic, and material components or not
  • Somatic component causes severe armor penalties (wizard spells). Priest spells do not have a somatic component.
  • Healing spells do not take turn to cast. Instead they have a 2-round cooldown. This should make them better in combat.

New commands:

  • Yell ('Y'): For your companions / pets to come to you.
  • Alt-h: Toggle swapping handedness from single-hand to both hands, and vice versa.
  • '§': Repeat, the same as Ctrl-A

Updates to Gehennom

  • Roughly half of Gehennom mazes have been replaced by gnomish mines -style caverns inhabited by hellish denizens.
  • Walls in Gehennom and Gnomish mines have their own specific colors.
  • Three new Gehennom special levels: Hellish Pastures, Lair of Yeenoghu, and Lair of the Tarrasque.
  • Baphomet, Demon Lord of Minotaurs, inhabits the maze on the Invocation level.

Updates to monsters:

  • Mummies now contract a terrifying disease called mummy rot, which stops your healing and drains CON and CHA over time.
  • Juiblex is now much more dangerous than before.
  • All monsters can now have titles, e.g. Orcus is described as "Demon Prince of the Undead" (shown in '/').
  • Changed Chromatic Dragon's name to Tiamat and Chromatic Dragon is now its title (shown in '/').
  • Spell casters can now cast ranged spells like magic missile and cone of cold.
  • Liches and other spell casters can summon large amounts of monsters again.
  • Maximum monster level is now 127, up from 50.

New monsters:

  • Gold dragon
  • Ancient gold dragon
  • Bahamut the platinum dragon
  • Bison
  • Celestial dove
  • Celestial eagle
  • Juggernaut
  • Thoul
  • Ghast
  • Tarrasque (unique monster in Gehennom)
  • Small luggage
  • Medium luggage
  • Large luggage
  • Giant luggage
  • A new secret demon lord
  • A new secret type of demon

New artifacts:

  • Gauntlets of Yin and Yang (monk crowning gift)
  • Holy Grail (archeologist and possible knight crowning gift)
  • Ring of Three Wishes
  • Ring of Conflict (moved to be an artifact with charges)
  • Serpent Ring of Set

New items:

  • Bag of infinite sling bullets
  • Horn of conflict (causes conflict for a limited duration, has charges)
  • Bracers of reflection
  • Prayerstone
  • Dragon fruit, which cures petrification (a vegan version of lizard corpse)
  • Brass horn
  • Scroll of enchant accessory (improved from scroll of enchant ring)

New spells:

  • Greater magic missile
  • Create food
  • Create water
  • Create fruits
  • Summon celestial dove
  • Summon celestial eagle
  • Call Bahamut
  • Summon gold dragon
  • Summon ancient gold dragon
  • Obliterate
  • Summon treant
  • Summon elder treant
  • Stick to python
  • Stick to boa
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GnollHack 4.0.22


This is the release before the beta tournament. It comes with the following features:

New items:

  • Nine lives stealer, a charged sword that can kill up to 9 opponents
  • Jar of healing salve
  • Jar of extra healing salve
  • Robe of splendor
  • Phantomberry
  • Scroll of retraining
  • Saw of mighty cutting
  • Spade of colossal excavation
  • Ring of X-ray vision
  • Ring of wizardry

New artifacts:

  • The Rhongomyniad, lance of King Arthur, which is now the Knight quest artifact
  • Luck Blade that can be invoked for 2-4 wishes

New monsters:

  • Hydra
  • Pyrohydra
  • Lernaean hydra

New spells:

  • Prodigious healing
  • Minor consultation
  • Major consultation
  • Titan strength
  • Detect blessedness

New game mechanics:

  • Spears can now be applied like polearms but for less range than polearms
  • Unicorn horn has now charges and works with 100% chance
  • There is now a confirmation question before stepping into a known trap
  • Improved descriptions for unknown items when blind
  • Can of grease now starts unknown and is described when unknown as a "metal can containing viscous liquid" if it has charges and "empty metal can" if charges are zero. Jars of healing salve have similar unknown descriptions.
  • Charisma now affects mana pool in the same way as INT and WIS do
  • Charisma now affects the price of services offered by shopkeepers, the Oracle, and temple priests
  • Difficulty levels now change the game difficulty less than before
  • '/' shows now for pets what stethoscope used to show. You still need a stethoscope for hostile monsters.
  • Mind flayers are now bright magenta to make it easier to tell them apart from dwarf kings
  • King wraith is now magenta and nazgul bright magenta
  • You can now search for buried roots in garden rooms and elsewhere
  • Gnolls and dogs smell underground roots
  • Each player starts with a scroll of identify. Also, scroll of identify is always identified by default.
  • Pressing space or enter does not invoke "Unknown command" prompt anymore
  • Toned the One Ring down a bit
  • Monster difficulty levels have been updated
  • The game now randomizes more difficult monsters at deeper dungeon levels
  • Belts of giant strength are now rarer
  • Garden rooms now display dark part of the room correctly
  • Powerful demon princes have now a darkness aura

New engravable word:

  • Gilthoniel, which prevents monsters from picking up items at the square. Does not wear out like other words.

New pet command:

  • Feed, which can be used to feed normal and healing food to your pet

New option:

  • prefer_fast_move, which swaps 'g' with 'G' and 'm' with 'M'

New intrinsics:

  • Magic missile resistance
  • Stun resistance
  • Food poisoning (separated from terminal illness)

Improved Curses Interface for Linux:

  • Three-row status line setup looks much better now
  • Wider menu windows
  • Fixed the behavior of the '/' look at command
  • Reagent and miscellaneous item group accelerators are working
  • Alternative gold symbol ' for is working
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GnollHack 4.0.21


This release contains the following features:

General features:

  • Improved fountains: They are now of fixed type: Fountain of healing, mana, power, spring water, poison, and magic (which is the old NetHack fountain)
  • Game difficulty levels work now differently: They adjust the damage done by the player and monsters. The hit points remain the same on all difficulty levels, but the damage done is adjusted to make hit points seem smaller or larger.
  • Also by consequence, damage adjusting effects such as half physical damage, half spell damage, and invulnerability work more consistently now
  • New intrinsics: Fire, cold, and lightning vulnerabilities, double physical damage, double spell damage
  • Skill menu now shows bonuses gained from current and next levels
  • Monsters' magic resistance is now the same as Antimagic property given by Cloak of Magic Resistance, but which function only specified % of the time. Antimagic property now gives 100% magic resistance (which can be lowered by lower/diminish/abolish/negate magic resistance spells)
  • Antimagic does not give death resistance any more, but only protects against magic type attacks
  • Only unique monsters can use the touch of death monster spell
  • High priest of Moloch can use a clerical version of the touch of death
  • Ring of increase accuracy increases the change to hit with rays
  • Changed the skill bonuses acquired from spell skills for hitting with rays to be aligned with the new Wands skill
  • Prohibited gremlin reproduction on the Plane of Water (overpowered!)
  • Monsters are now cheaper to hire, and hiring cost is impacted by CHA
  • Beholder has now a petrification ray rather than a magic missile ray
  • Flesh to stone spell also now shoots a petrification ray
  • The status bar shows W and E when in the wizard mode and explore mode, respectively
  • Yellow dragon scale mails give both acid and petrification resistance, making them quite useful now
  • All sharp weapons can now be poisoned, not just arrows and bolts

New role / race combinations:

  • Dwarf can now be a knight, and rides a powerful saddled ram!

Improved container manipulation:

  • You can now put items directly from floor into a bag
  • You move items directly from one bag in your inventory to another one
  • You can directly take items out of the bag and drop them on the floor
  • You can move items directly from a chest on the floor to a bag in your inventory
  • You can directly take items out of a chest on the floor and drop them on the ground

New monsters:

  • Gorgon (with a petrifying breath)
  • Ram
  • Large ram
  • Warram
  • Giant cockatrice
  • Gargantuan cockatrice

New items:

  • Wand of petrification
  • Pole arm of reach
  • Potion of poison (potion of sickness makes you now deathly sick)
  • Potion of urine (sample)
  • Potion of dwarven stout
  • Amulet vs. death magic
  • Cloudberry (restores ability as per the potion)
  • Fig (cures disease)

New spells:

  • Diminish magic resistance (-50%)
  • Abolish magic resistance (-75%)

New skills:

  • Wand, giving +X to hit with rays

Technical changes:

  • Blocked property has been removed from intrinsics and instead implemented by BLOCKED_X intrinsics
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Cumulative bug fixes based on Beta Test:

  • 24 Jan 2020: Zapping yourself with a wand of make invisible does not freeze the game anymore.
  • 26 Jan 2020: Detailed spell description crashed the game.
  • 26 Jan 2020: On Linux (but not on Windows), potions gave their powers just when carried. Need to investigate still the core reason for the problem, as this should have required P1_POWER_1_APPLIES_WHEN_CARRIED flag to have been on (and it should not have been, as the flag is set to 0 for all potions).
  • 27 Jan 2020: Core problem with items giving powers when carried has been fixed. One int should have been long...
  • 28 Jan 2020: Recovery yes-no question behavior fixed.
  • 28 Jan 2020: Summoned creatures and party members eat food again.
  • 5 Feb 2020: You can now access examine directly from the inventory command 'i'
  • 9 Feb 2020: New options to use classic statue symbol, show inventory weights after the item name, use the metric system (kg) instead of pounds, show weights summary or not, and show oz or grams for items weighing less than 1000 units.
  • 9 Feb 2020: Fixed bugs related to forgetting spells and lightning-enchanting melee weapons.
  • 17 Feb 2020: Changed the way in which difficulty levels work: Now the damage caused by the monsters and the player vary by the difficulty level, rather than monster hit points, as before. Monsters also now have fractional hit points similar to the player. Also, certain properties such as half physical damage and half spell damage work more consistently than before.
  • 17 Feb 2020: Fixed a bug from the previous patch that caused a crash while fighting bare-handed
  • 18 Feb 2020: Improved skill menu to show bonuses from current and next skill level