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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Jan 23, 2020 · 95 commits to master since this release

Cumulative bug fixes based on Beta Test:

  • 24 Jan 2020: Zapping yourself with a wand of make invisible does not freeze the game anymore.
  • 26 Jan 2020: Detailed spell description crashed the game.
  • 26 Jan 2020: On Linux (but not on Windows), potions gave their powers just when carried. Need to investigate still the core reason for the problem, as this should have required P1_POWER_1_APPLIES_WHEN_CARRIED flag to have been on (and it should not have been, as the flag is set to 0 for all potions).
  • 27 Jan 2020: Core problem with items giving powers when carried has been fixed. One int should have been long...
  • 28 Jan 2020: Recovery yes-no question behavior fixed.
  • 28 Jan 2020: Summoned creatures and party members eat food again.
  • 5 Feb 2020: You can now access examine directly from the inventory command 'i'
  • 9 Feb 2020: New options to use classic statue symbol, show inventory weights after the item name, use the metric system (kg) instead of pounds, show weights summary or not, and show oz or grams for items weighing less than 1000 units.
  • 9 Feb 2020: Fixed bugs related to forgetting spells and lightning-enchanting melee weapons.
  • 17 Feb 2020: Changed the way in which difficulty levels work: Now the damage caused by the monsters and the player vary by the difficulty level, rather than monster hit points, as before. Monsters also now have fractional hit points similar to the player. Also, certain properties such as half physical damage and half spell damage work more consistently than before.
  • 17 Feb 2020: Fixed a bug from the previous patch that caused a crash while fighting bare-handed
  • 18 Feb 2020: Improved skill menu to show bonuses from current and next skill level
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Jan 22, 2020 · 96 commits to master since this release

This release is for the beta test of GnollHack and includes the following features:

New spells:

  • Mass Slow
  • Hold Monster
  • Mass Hold
  • Commune
  • Enlightenment
  • Prayer
  • Absolution
  • Stick to Snake
  • Stick to Cobra
  • Minor Healing
  • Silence
  • Haste Monster
  • Teleport Self
  • Controlled Teleport
  • Circle of Teleportation
  • Level Teleport
  • Controlled Teleport
  • Portal

New monsters:

  • Beholder
  • Elder orb
  • Death tyrant
  • Chimera

New features:

  • New tellexp option that can used to toggle "You gain X experience points." message off
  • You can specify how many times you mix a spell
  • Hostile monsters do not zap wands / breathe on other hostile monsters
  • The same applies to tame monsters in relation to other tame monsters and the player

General changes:

  • Healer starts with basic in abjuration to make him/her more versatile
  • Spellcasters now have one spell per school in addition to other randomized spells they have
  • Explore mode is now under Alt-e
  • Secret Modron Level is now more finished
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Jan 12, 2020 · 136 commits to master since this release

This release is for the alpha test of GnollHack. It has the following new features:

New items:

  • Handful of spinach leaves (gives STR)
  • Pomegranate (gives CON)
  • Avocado (gives CHA)
  • Ioun stone of experience
  • Belt of change
  • Gloves of haste

New spells:

  • Protection (renewed)
  • Probe monster (as per wand of probing)
  • Shield
  • Barkskin
  • Stoneskin
  • Summoning call
  • Raise minor zombie
  • Create skeleton
  • Create giant skeleton
  • Raise giant zombie
  • Raise minor mummy
  • Raise giant mummy
  • Create skeleton warrior
  • Create skeleton lord
  • Create skeleton king
  • Replenish undeath
  • Greater undeath replenishment
  • Sphere of annihilation
  • Circle of magic
  • Circle of fire
  • Circle of lightning
  • Circle of cold
  • Burning hands
  • Freezing touch
  • Gaze of Medusa

New monsters:

  • Treant (eating corpse gives WIS)
  • Elder Treant
  • White lichen
  • Black lichen

New intrinsics:

  • Fear (new magical version that can make the monsters flee)
  • Cancelled (player can also be now cancelled)
  • No magic resistance (in case your form has it)
  • Half normal magic resistance (in case your form has it)
  • Summoning forbidden (in the case your form can summon something)
  • XRay vision
  • Fear resistance
  • Slowed (player can also be now slowed)
  • Very fast (now properly given by speed boots, and separate from Fast)

Other changes:

  • There are now 5 game difficulty levels
  • The game shows red Sleeping and Paralyzed signs on status screen when sleeping or paralyzed, respectively.
  • Monsters can now have all the same intrinsics and extrinsics as the player
  • Monster stun and confusion are now timed abilities, similar to player's
  • Sliming and petrification are also now timed for monsters, instead of being instakill. Medusa's gaze is still an instakill, as it is for the pal
  • Monsters get the HP bonus, attribute bonus, and intrinsics from all items in the same way as the player
  • Monsters can now wear also rings and miscellaneous magic items.
  • Improved messaging of monster extrinsics e.g. when the monster becomes invisible or starts levitating because of a worn item.
  • Wand of probing now lists monster intrinsics and ability scores, being actually pretty useful.
  • Several improvements to artifact data structure
  • Cleaver hits now only hostile targets
  • Stormbringer does not attack your pets
  • Artifacts in general work more consistently
  • Dual wielding artifacts should now work properly in all cases
  • Improvements to artifact power descriptions
  • Demons and undead can use cursed -X items as +X items and they do not weld. You get this benefit if you polymorph into one.
  • Balrog has flaming weapons and sometimes a black axe.
  • Balrog has a passive fire defense.
  • Spells can now be marked with hotkeys and forgotten using Alt-z command
  • Magic arrow and forcebolt have visual effects
  • Cure blindness, cure sickness, and cure petrification are now directional spells and work for monsters (to save your pets)
  • Banana now gives DEX when eaten
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Dec 31, 2019 · 237 commits to master since this release

This release has the following features:

New artifacts:

  • Gnollbane
  • The One Ring
  • Wand of Orcus

New items:

  • 9 types of mushrooms
  • Mace of death
  • Golf club (for tourist)
  • Scroll of protect armor
  • Scroll of protect weapon
  • Spiked gloves
  • Spiked boots
  • Spiked silver shield
  • Silver gauntlets
  • Silver shoes
  • Silver knife
  • Silver fork
  • Magic candle

New monsters:

  • Otyugh
  • Neo-otyugh
  • Boa constrictor
  • Giant python
  • Giant anaconda

New spells:

  • Shocking touch


  • Spells have now a multiplier for skill learning
  • Monsters now attack enemies more properly
  • Peaceful monsters can now sell their items to you
  • Drowning by sea monsters is not an instadeath anymore
  • Python can now constrict you as per amulet of strangulation
  • Dwarves, orcs, hobbits, elves, and gnomes have now names you can ask about
  • Massively improved martial arts and monk
  • New dig command for digging gardens
  • Examine now shows artifact properties
  • Quest does not require alignment record anymore
  • Cornuthaum works now as originally!
  • Artifacts can now have their own color and description
  • Artifact names can be found out at different specified situations
  • "#attributes" command shows now skill bonuses
  • Spell skill level now influences mana cost
  • Magic arrow and force bolt have now visual effect and hit only the first target
  • Magic arrow and force bolt hit with 100% probability
  • There is now only one modron level
  • Ring of increase damage and accuracy have double normal +X
  • Failed spell book reading does not paralyze you any more for a long time
  • Raided mine town loot is now clearly named
  • Thrown potions are now more dangerous
  • Mana regeneration is now slower
  • Spells are easier to cast and spell proficiency helps twice as much as before
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Dec 8, 2019 · 338 commits to master since this release

This release contains the following new features:

New items:

  • Amulet vs. life draining
  • Staff of life
  • Wand of ore detection
  • Magic candle
  • Gnomish felt hat
  • Silk top hat (worn by gnomish bankers)

New monsters:

  • Shoosuva
  • Illithilich

New room:

  • Dragon lair

New spell:

  • Faithful hound (like Mordenkainen's AD&D spell)

New chat menu functionality:

  • Can talk to priests for healing, blessing, cursing, and divination
  • Can talk to oracle for consultation, identification, or enlightenment
  • Can talk to shopkeepers for identification of their shop item types
  • Can talk to peaceful monsters for buying items from them and asking them to join your party
  • Can command pets and joined party members to do various tasks
  • Can pacify guards by paying them a fee

Encounter system:

  • It is now possible to define groups of appearing monsters
  • Encounters have their own calculated aggregate difficulty, and the game makes sure that the player is unlikely to meet overly difficult encounters (as opposed to before, with e.g. groups of soldier ants which had the same difficulty as a single soldier ant)
  • Groups can have multiple monster types
  • It is possible to specify special items for them
  • Monsters can be named from a name list
  • Encounters can be marked unique so that they will appear only once per game
  • Normal small and large groups have been deactivated

Other features:

  • Half of the weapon skills have been removed and combined into other weapon skills (# of skills is now down to 14 from 28)
  • Multishot works for melee weapons: For example, triple flail hits three times in a round
  • Attribute bonuses for STR, DEX and CON changed to be more linear and make melee weapons to be more on par with ranged weapons
  • Two "Orc and a pie" special encounters
  • Monsters that are supposed to use money have now gold
  • Figurines have been removed as being potentially unbalanced
  • Character description page now shows the traits and abilities you obtain from race, role, and alignment
  • Command menu (Alt-c) with the most common unsual commands, which were previously dispersed around the keyboard
  • Keyboard commands have been rearranged
    • S is now Skill menu (enhance)
    • C is now Chat menu
  • Some work on Modron levels, but they are still unfinished
  • Samurai's dog is now called Hachiko
  • Priests can now pray twice as often as other classes
  • Expensive gems are now less expensive
  • New intrinsic: Warning of Ogres. Ogresmasher now gives Warning of Ogres.
  • Anti-magic trap now brings your mana to zero if you do not have magic resistance
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Nov 1, 2019 · 414 commits to master since this release

This is a release with the following features.

New items:

  • Nose ring of bullheadedness
  • Eyeglasses of see invisible
  • Eyeglasses of hallucination
  • Eyeglasses of awkwardness
  • Mithril full plate mail
  • Sword of unholy desecration
  • Sword of sharpness
  • Vorpal sword (non-artifact)
  • Battle-axe of cleaving
  • Staff of frost
  • Staff of fire
  • Staff of thunder and lightning
  • Staff of withering
  • Arrow of dragon slaying
  • Repeating crossbow
  • Repeating heavy crossbow
  • The Crossbow of the Gnoll Lords (artifact repeating heavy crossbow)
  • Robe of powerlessness
  • Robe of eyes

New monsters:

  • Chaos mimic
  • Elder dracolich
  • Ogre Mage
  • Ogre King (old one is now Ogre Overlord)
  • Ogre Archmage
  • Owlbear Shaman
  • Owlbear Matriarch
  • Owlbear Patriarch
  • Harpy
  • Spectre
  • King Wraith

New features:

  • The main dungeon can be up to 32 level deep
  • Maximum character level is now 36 (aligned with original D&D)
  • Game asks a confirmation before you enter water or lava
  • Eating ogres can give CON, eating nymphs CHA, mind flayers INT, snakes DEX, giants STR, and owlbears WIS.
  • Improved MC system, it has now 20 levels
  • Petrification attack always petrifies if it passes MC
  • Energy drain always cause you to lose a level if it passes MC
  • Armor and robe select the best of AC and MC, they do not stack anymore
  • The game now shows experience points
  • Monster levels and experience have been calibrated
  • Experience needed for each level has been calibrated
  • Pets are chastised if they try to pick up items in a shop
  • Pets do not eat corpses that make them polymorph
  • You can now use abilities from a menu under 'A' command. Sit command does not any more lay an egg, it is under 'A' also now.
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Oct 13, 2019 · 510 commits to master since this release

This release adds the following features:

New items:

  • Sword of defense (like sword, defender; a weapon giving AC when wielded)
  • Main-gauche (a shield-like weapon)
  • Spiked shield (a weapon-like shield)
  • Nuggets of iron, copper, silver, gold, etc. ore
  • Human skull (a reagent)
  • Piece of wood (a reagent, obtained by chopping down trees and wood golems)
  • Shovel (for digging, obviously)
  • Sword of holy vengeance (like sword, holy avenger)
  • Sword of wounding
  • Sword of life draining
  • Morgul blade (wielded by Nazguls)
  • Orichalcum full plate mail
  • Sword of orc slaying
  • Sword of troll slaying
  • Sword of giant slaying
  • Sword of dragon slaying
  • Hammer of gnoll slaying
  • Mace of disruption (moved to be normal item from artifacts)
  • Flindbar
  • Wand of Identify

New features:

  • Nuggets of ore can be found by digging around the map.
  • Monster abilities have been moved to 'A', and will include many abilities in future patches
  • Improved column widths in spell menus
  • New garden room, where many reagents can be found
  • New abandoned shop (appears always once below the Oracle), where the giant mimic holds a Wand of Identify
  • There is now an altar and the player's stash with some items in the starting room.
  • Three secret Modron levels, not completely finished yet, though.
  • Summoned monsters disregard enemy strength (will attack any enemy)
  • Hugely improved two-weapon fighting
  • Wielding two artifacts is now allowed
  • Hugely improved weapon swapping (can now swap sword+shield for a bow)
  • Bag of treasure hauling hauls now twice as much
  • Hobbits can now be generated with Sting
  • Warning of undead is now working

New intrinsics:

  • Warning of demons, orcs, trolls, giants, dragons, elves, dwarves, gnolls, humans, were-creatures, and angels

New monsters:

  • Skeleton warrior
  • Skeleton lord
  • Skeleton king
  • Bone golem
  • 10 different types of modrons
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Sep 23, 2019 · 587 commits to master since this release

This is a large patch including the following features:

  • New spells:
    • Power Word Kill
    • Power Word Stun
    • Power Word Blind
    • Mass Sleep
    • Mass Domination
    • Cure Petrification
    • Cold/Fire/Lightning/Death-Enchant Item
    • Telepathy
    • Detect Traps
    • Mirror Image
    • Mass Conflict
    • Stinking Cloud
    • Great Yendorian Summoning
    • Call Ghoul
    • Raise Zombie
    • Create Mummy
    • Create Dracolich
    • Lower Water
  • Only Wizard of Yendor will teleport to heal, other covetous monster will not
  • Items can now confer powers when just carried
  • New items:
    • Bag of Wizardry (spellbooks, wands, scrolls, and reagents are 1/8 of normal weight)
    • Bag of Treasure Hauling (coins and some other treasure 1/16 of normal weight)
    • Ring of Power (+ to all stats)
    • Ring of Gain Dexterity / Intelligence / Wisdom
    • Ring of Fortitude
    • Expensive Handbag
    • Golden Earrings
    • Expensive Watch
    • Several types of Ioun Stones
    • Several types of Belts of Giant Strength
    • Wand of Evaporation
    • Nose Ring of Bull Strength
    • Nose Ring of Cerebral Safeguarding
    • Brooch of Shielding
    • Glass Sword (death-enchanted)
    • Javelin of Returning
    • Gloves of Spell Casting
    • Bracers of Spell Casting
    • Stone pebbles, clay pebbles, and other types of sling bullets
  • New monsters:
    • Phoenix
    • Roc
    • Phase Spider
    • Silver Golem
  • New skill: Disarm trap
  • New commands:
    • M('z'): Spell information
    • M('x'): Examine - item information
  • Magic cancellation is now shown on the status line and can be now more than 3
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Sep 1, 2019 · 679 commits to master since this release

This release has the following improvements, mainly new spells and items:

I. New spells:
a. Summoning spells:

  • Guardian Angel
  • Divine Mount
  • Heavenly Army
  • Call Demogorgon
  • Animate Air
  • Animate Earth
  • Animate Fire
  • Animate Water
  • Create Gold Golem
  • Create Glass Golem
  • Create Gemstone Golem
  • Create Clay Golem
  • Create Stone Golem
  • Create Iron Golem
  • Create Wood Golem
  • Create Paper Golem

b. Charm spells

  • Charm Monster (now single target and a limited duration)
  • Sphere of Charming (3x3 area, limited duration)
  • Mass Charm (11x11 area, limited duration)
  • Dominate Monster (single target, permanent)
  • Sphere of Domination (3x3 area, permanent)

c. Other spells

  • Water walking
  • Water breathing
  • Protection from curses
  • Lower magic resistance
  • Negate magic resistance
  • Forbid summoning

II. New items:

  • Staff of the Magi (50% more mana)
  • Periapt of Vitality (50 more hp)
  • Amulet of mana (100 more mana)
  • Demon blood talisman (100% more mana)
  • Gown of the Archbishops (protection from curses, death, and life drain)
  • Potion of Greater Healing
  • Potion of Greater Gain Energy
  • Potion of Full Energy
  • Ring of Mana Regeneration
  • Quiver of Infinite Arrows
  • Pouch of Endless Bolts
  • New reagents: Bat guano, fungal spore, raven feather

III. Other improvements

  • Reagents are in their own class
  • Non-food can be marked as edible, and will show up in eat menu
  • Swapping a weapon does not take a turn, improving usability of bows
  • Most spellbooks can now be identified by starting to read them; no need to read them to the end
  • Some high-level spellbooks need to be read to the end to identify them
  • Tourist now starts with a sack containing slippers and bathrobe (but not swimwear)
  • Cancellation bypasses magic resistance, removes charm, and prevents spellcasting
  • Priests get no armor penalty from casting WIS-based spells
  • Spells are not forgotten by time, but can be forgotten through amnesia
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@janne-hmp janne-hmp released this Aug 23, 2019 · 717 commits to master since this release

This is a huge spell system update.

  • 38 new spells (+6 added previously) = 44 cumulative new spells:
    • Fire bolt (like wand of fire)
    • Fire storm (a big fire ball)
    • Ice storm
    • Lightning bolt (like wand of lightning)
    • Thunderstorm
    • Magic arrow
    • Full healing
    • Touch of death
    • Deathspell
    • Time stop
    • Mage armor
    • Bless
    • Curse
    • Enchant armor
    • Enchant weapon
    • Protect armor
    • Protect weapon
    • Resurrection
    • Negate undeath
    • Banish demon
    • Anti-magic shell
    • Reflection
    • Protection from fire
    • Protection from lightning
    • Protection from cold
    • Protection from acid
    • Protection from poison
    • Protection from life draining
    • Protection from death magic
    • Protection from disintegration
    • Protection from sickness
    • Protection from petrification
    • Protection from lycanthropy
    • Globe of invulnerability
    • Divine intervention
    • Lower magic resistance
    • Negate magic resistance
    • Forbid summoning
    • (Added previously: Armageddon)
    • (Added previously: Wish)
    • (Added previously: Summon Demon)
    • (Added previously: Summon Ogre)
    • (Added previously: Black Blade of Disaster)
    • (Added previously: Disintegrate)
  • Spells levels vary from minor cantrips to major cantrips to levels 1 to 10.
  • Spells can have material components, which are mixed using X command
  • Spells have a cooldown, which prevents them from being used repeatedly every round
  • Spells can use any of the stats as a spell casting statistic (varies by spell)
  • There are now some new spell schools (total of 10), including abjuration and necromancy
  • Cancellation has a timer instead of being permanent on monsters

Other changes:

  • New Miscellaneous item category, used for some spell material components
  • New items: Pearl, black pearl, spider silk, wand of resurrection, holy symbol
  • New monster: Gemstone Golem
  • Priests turn undead using Holy Symbol item, which is also required to cast many powerful priest spells.
  • Turn undead extended command has been removed
  • Monsters can now have some expiring intrinsics such as cancellation, no magic resistance and inability to summon
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