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A NetHack variant developed by Sound Mind Games, a non-profit association based in Finland.



GnollHack is aimed at making NetHack more beginner-friendly while at the same time trying to keep the game interesting for veterans, especially in the late game. In this regard, GnollHack introduces:

  • Difficulty Levels
  • In-game item and monster information
  • In-game hints and quest and gameplay guidance
  • Removal of unnecessary instant death situations
  • Large number of new late game monsters
  • Interesting late game items

GnollHack can also be viewed as a NetHack remaster, adding the following modern features:

  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Voice Overs
  • Cross-platform support for modern OSs: Android and iOS
  • Mobile touch-based UI on Android and iOS

In addition, there are also several gameplay changes with the aim of reducing surprising deaths and promoting a larger variety of interesting character builds. Therefore, GnollHack may have a different gameplay feel to NetHack, and can thus be regarded as a separate game.

Getting Started

  • Download — Downloading GnollHack and installation instructions
  • Troubleshooting — How to solve various technical problems
  • Tutorials (for keyboard-based versions)



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