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Minor Features

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  • Players can become slowed, which reduces their speed to 2/3 of their base speed (usually to 8) and negates the fast and very fast intrinsics and extrinsics. So, one's speed can end up being reduced from 20 (very fast) to 8, which is effectively -60% to speed.
  • Using 'Shift + Direction' to run no longer enters known traps.
  • Finding secret doors with bad luck (-3 or lower) is now actually possible.

Role Changes


  • Caveman starts with a random beneficial amulet and lots of food.
  • His starting weapons have enchantment bonuses.


  • Knight cannot jump anymore. Sorry, there goes the chess reference.


  • Wizards start with either (1) a quarterstaff and a cloak of magic resistance or (2) a staff of frost and a leather cloak.

Item Changes


  • Gauntlets of Power have been renamed Gauntlets of Ogre Power and they give 18/** strength.
  • Dragon scale mails are now much heavier and give a big spell casting penalty.
  • Crystal plate mail gives reflection.
  • Bronze plate mail gives a huge bonus to MC.


  • Magic Mirror of Merlin does not give double spell damage anymore. It was too overpowered.


  • Touchstone does not need to be blessed to identify gems. Yes, it's really good now!
  • However, there is also a cursed jinxstone. Beware of that!
  • Expensive gems are now less expensive.


  • Added scrolls of protect weapon and protect armor, which do the same as reading an enchant weapon/armor scroll confused.

Monster Changes

  • Dragon hatchlings have a chance to drop dragon scales.
  • Silver dragon hatchling now properly has reflection.
  • Juiblex's swallowing and sickening attack now actually makes other monsters sick and kills them in 20 turns.
  • Some monsters have a name, which you can ask through chatting.


Disarm Traps

You can disarm traps with the Disarm Traps skill. You can use it through the abilities menu 'A'. You have the following chances to disarm a trap:

  • Unskilled: 1/3 chance to disarm an unmagical trap.
  • Basic: 2/3 chance to disarm an unmagical trap and 1/3 chance to disarm a magical trap.
  • Skilled: 5/6 chance to disarm an unmagical trap and 2/3 chance to disarm a magical trap.
  • Expert: 11/12 chance to disarm an unmagical trap and 5/6 chance to disarm a magical trap.
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