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A Domain Management System that can manage all your Domains and Hostings. If you’re a Domain & Hosting Provider and want to manage these things then this is a handy Web App.

Client Management

Allows you to manage multiple clients efficiently. A capability of filtering domains by client name helps companies to manage their domain portfolio across several domains.

Domain Management

Using flexible interface simply add the domain info and handle domain registration & renewals, modify or delete unused/unnecessary domains. It helps you to keep domains portfolio well organized.

Hosting Management

Enables effective monitoring of various hosting infrastructure through a single interface. It allows you to add, update, delete and renew hosting of any domains/clients.


Bailiwick contains a report section that allows you to get various reports against: Client Report: Filter & fetch data by specific client name. Payment Report: Get payment records by applying various filters on your data. Transaction Report: Check & Analyse Number of Payment Transactions for a Specific Period of Time.

Currency Options

Set your currency locale. If you are single currency organization, you can set default currency. Set corporation currency and make your all payment entries with your currency locale.