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React = require 'react'
{script} = React.DOM
window?.GoogleAnalyticsObject ?= 'ga'
window?.ga ?= ga
# The main API function. This delegates to window[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject]
# in case Google replaces the function in their script.
ga = (args...) -> window?[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject] args...
# The ga API function implementation. This is the initial implementation that's
# usually included as part of the GA embed code. It may (or may not) be replaced
# by the loaded ga script. (Just to be safe, we don't expose it directly, but
# rather only through the function this module exports.)
window?[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject] ?= (args...) ->
api = window[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject]
(api.q or= []).push args
scriptIsAdded = false
ga.Initializer = React.createClass
displayName: 'GAInitializer'
componentDidMount: ->
window[window.GoogleAnalyticsObject].l = new Date().getTime()
@addScript() unless scriptIsAdded
addScript: ->
# script tags added in `render()` aren't evaluated so we need to mutate the
# DOM.
scriptIsAdded = true
el = document.createElement 'script'
el.type = 'text/javascript'
el.async = true
el.src = '//'
s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]
s.parentNode.insertBefore el, s
render: ->
# We don't want this component to render anything that will affect layout,
# so we use an empty script tag.
(script null)
module.exports = ga