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Update Roadmap with planner and add some dicussion section (#43)

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- [ ] Shoveller: Assuming an emergency stop and no steps were missed, restart the gcode from the last position.
- [ ] Implement the code for soft pause/resume.
- [ ] Planner: make sure to slow down early enough to obey machine constraints (it does not yet for tiny segments at the end of movement)
- [ ] High performance/light Status Server
- [ ] Change the code to be compatible with remoteproc new kernel feature.
- [ ] Include some tests for the pru code (maybe by using a PRU virtualization)
- [ ] Needed for full 3D printer solution: add PWM/PID-loop for heaters.
- [ ] Motion: consider limited constant jerk movements.

### Random thought collction for roadmap points above

#### Shoveller

- Initial impementation: assume hard stop (e.g. emergency stop) and be able
to revover the state back from the PRU to be put back into the linear segment
steps queue. Goal: be able to restart the operation after completely
empty PRU state.
- Note, in this first implementation we just assume hard stops and starts and
that steppers don't use steps.
- We might use that later to be able to do other operations 'in-between' after
an emergency stop (e.g. manually jogging away the tool, then restart
will move it back to where we stopped.

#### Planner

- right now, we just do proper 'ramp up' of acceleration, but not
deceleration. In order to do that, we need to delay emitting
LinearSegmentSteps until we know that we can stop within the deceleration
constraints. Otherwise we need to edit the speeds backwards.

#### Status Server
- Issue [#38]( has some good discussion.

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