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Start dynamic calculation based on the original file size.

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commit ce3269a146bfd11523b199025bde64677fcb2ea1 1 parent 32959bd
@hzeller authored
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@@ -263,8 +263,8 @@ class SndFileHandler :
// the filesize as we see it grow. Some clients continuously monitor
// the size of the file to check when to stop.
fstat(filedes_, &file_stat_);
- file_stat_.st_size *= fs->file_oversize_factor();
start_estimating_size_ = 0.4 * file_stat_.st_size;
+ file_stat_.st_size *= fs->file_oversize_factor();
// The flac header we get is more rich than what we can create via
// sndfile. So if we have one, just copy it.
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