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Update Readme for the pocket-cape; Add schematic image.

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hzeller committed Feb 19, 2018
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@@ -7,9 +7,16 @@ PCBs :)
* [Laser driver](./laser-drive): fast current source to drive Lasers. Often,
the Lasers you can buy come with their own driver, but they are very slow.
This one is meant to switch >= 1Mhz while behaving as a current source.
* [Beaglebone cape](./cape): work-in-progress: a cape for the
* [Beaglebone cape](./cape): a cape for the
Beaglebone Black or Green providing all the connections to various
parts of the set-up.
parts of the set-up. This was the first version mostly for experimenting
and successfully used.
* [PocketCape](./pocket-cape): The new cape, ready for the cheaper
and smaller PocketBeagle.
Unlike the experimental board that used a DC/DC converter and stepmotor
driver as separate modules, this has everything on-board.
It is ready for double-sided boards with two outputs for lasers, polygon
mirrors and two inputs for horizontal sync detection.

In the current set-up, they are mounted externally to provide easy access for
measuring various aspects. After the dust settles, they will all fit in the
@@ -1,8 +1,30 @@
Work in progress, nothing to see here yet.
PocketBeagle LDGraphy cape

A cape for the PocketBeagle, that will allow to expose double-sided boards
(inside a yet to design case for a double-sided LDGraphy).
A cape for the PocketBeagle, that will allow to expose double-sided boards.

*Work in progress; won't yet work with the current software and case.*

Not only the software is not adapted yet, but this assume as motor
the 28BYJ-48, yet the acrylic case is still using the larger stepper.

So if you want to build something now, I suggest to use
the [experimental cape](../cape).

The board is packed with connectors; all of which are choosen in a way
that it very hard to connect to the wrong one:

| Designator | Type | Description
| J2 | 2p JST-XH | Supply voltage. 12-16V
| J5, J8 | 3p JST-PH | Laser1, Laser2 output
| J1, J3 | 2p JST-PH | Laser1, Laser2 sync input
| J6, J7 | 5p 0.1" header| Polygon1, Polygon2 mirror
| J4 | 5p JST-XH | Sled stepper 28BYJ-48
| J10 | 8p FFC 0.5mm | Connector for 320x200 SPI display
| J9 | 4p JST-PH | User-interface buttons
| J11 | USB | USB connector for Wifi dongle


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