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LDGraphy PCBs

Some boot-strapping required ... we need these PCBs first, before we can make PCBs :)

  • Laser driver: fast current source to drive Lasers. Often, the Lasers you can buy come with their own driver, but they are very slow. This one is meant to switch >= 1Mhz while behaving as a current source.
  • Beaglebone cape: a cape for the Beaglebone Black or Green providing all the connections to various parts of the set-up. This was the first version mostly for experimenting and successfully used.
  • PocketCape: The new cape, ready for the cheaper and smaller PocketBeagle. Unlike the experimental board that used a DC/DC converter and stepmotor driver as separate modules, this has everything on-board. It is ready for double-sided boards with two outputs for lasers, polygon mirrors and two inputs for horizontal sync detection.

In the current set-up, they are mounted externally to provide easy access for measuring various aspects. After the dust settles, they will all fit in the LDGraphy case.