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hzeller o Point out that this old board does not support 64x64 out of the box,
   but that there is a hardware hack around as mentioned in Issue #360
Latest commit 5bd023f Aug 8, 2017

PCB adapter for Raspberry Pi to Hub75 RGB Matrixes

Since hand-wiring can be a little tedious, here are some PCBs that help with the wiring when using the rpi-rgb-led-matrix code.

  • Passive-3 Supports three parallel chains, directly connected to the output of a Rapsberry Pi with 40 GPIO pins. Works, but usually it is better to buffer the outputs using the ...
  • Active-3 board. Supports three parallel chains with active buffering and 3.3V -> 5V level shifting for best reliability. Requires SMD soldering.
  • The Passive-RPi1 adapter board is to connect one panel to Raspberry Pi 1 with 26 GPIO pins.

Three Panels connected