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SPI Pixels - Control 16 LED strips at once

Parallely feeding 16 SPI LED strips with a Raspberry Pi.

This is the hardware and library separated out of the FlaschenTaschen project to be used independently.

This provides a Raspberry Pi Adapter to connect up to 16 SPI-type LED strips (such as APA102, WS2801, LPD6803), that are fed by the Raspberry Pi in parallel for fast update rates.

The C++ library can be found in include/ and lib/, with examples in the, you guessed it, examples/ directory.

If you want to use the library in your own projects, just add it as a sub-module to your project:

git submodule add

You now have a subdirectory spixels/ in your project. See the Makefile in the examples/ directory as a template how to use it with your project.

You find the board in the hardware/ directory (including Gerbers and OshPark link).

The adpater is compatible with any Raspberry Pi with 40 GPIO pins, such as the Pi 1 B+, Pi 2 or Pi 3.

Of course, you can use the MultiSPI feature to send data to other simple devices.

A single APA102 strip connected to the board:

Spixels simple

This is used in the FlaschenTaschen project, in which only 9 of the 16 connectors are used, one for each 'crate column'. The update rate with WS2801 reaches 160fps!.