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This release includes API changes and therefore requires a mobile app update to synchronize with the server.

New features

  • [App] Added filters to the case list (#1078)
  • Added new fields requested by NCDC and WHO for Yellow Fever and Measles (available for all diseases) (#1088)


  • [Web] Clinicians no longer see the Simple View by default when entering a CSM case in an outbreak district (#1100)
  • [Web] Clinicians can now delete Prescriptions, Treatments and Clinical Visits (#1099)
  • [Web] Enabled outbreak configuration for all diseases (#1101)
  • Improved the French translation (#1089)
  • Renamed some fields for the Ghana version (#1110, #1113, #1114)
  • Added Rectal Swab as a Sample Material (#1066)
  • [Web] Added a percentage number to the case increase/decrease in the Disease Burden table (#1112)


  • Fixed day field when entering the birth date of a person always containing 31 days independent of the selected month and year (#693)
  • [Web] Fixed the layouts of a few views (#1103)
  • [Web] Added missing district shape files for Ghana (#1107)
  • [App] Fixed several bugs that could lead to crashes or other problems (#1121, #1124, #1125)
  • [App] Fixed a critical bug (which apparently did not appear in the field yet) that would prevent cases from being synchronized to the mobile app (#1131)
  • [App] Fixed case order in list (#1143)
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