Django app that allows models to have actions attached to the change view.
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Getting Started

To get started using django-admin-model-action simply install it with pip:

$ pip install django-admin-model-action

Quick start:: - Add adminmodelaction to your INSTALLED_APPS. - On your model admin, inherit from `ActionAdmin`. - Specify the action method to run (as a string pointing to a model's method, or a regular method). Example:

from adminmodelaction.admin import ActionAdmin

class EntryAdmin(ActionAdmin):
    model_actions = ['publish']
    model = Entry

And then on your Article model:

class Article(models.Model):
    #... definitions go here ...

    def can_publish_article(self, request):
        # this is optional: it's a hook that allows you not to display
        # this action for a given model.
        # in this example, we only allow publishing of non public articles
        # in order not to notify author twice
        return !self.public

    def publish(self, request):
        notify_author(, self.title)
        # the admin message will be return result from this method
        return "Your entry %s was published." % (self.title).
    publish.short_description = 'Publish Article'
    publish.can_add_action = can_publish_article

This will create a "Publish Article" button on top of each article's change view on the admin. Once an admin clicks on it, the 'publish' method will be called on the Article's instance. In this case, for example publishing an article will change it's `public` property, and also notify the author.

By using the optional `action_method.can_add_action` we make sure the action will only appear to models not published already.