Generic framework for tracking subscriptions to things and emitting notices to subscribed users
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My goal for this is flexibility without too much structure. Contrast this to:

Which in my opinion is too restrictive in its whole actor/verb setup and
seems to have unrealistic performance for even medium-size websites (see
their user_stream method and imagine 60k users and 500k notifications)

I also don't like how Subscription frameworks and Notification frameworks tend
to be packaged separately. I can't imagine one without the other, so here's both.


Subscription.objects.subscribe(user,content_object) # Subscribes a user


Subscription.objects.emit("Some thing happened to this object!", subscribers_of=content_object)

The args/kwargs to emit() are more or less shuttled straight to the SUBSCRIPTION_BACKEND(s),
which is a dict in your like:

    'email': 'myproject.subscription_backends.Email',
    'redis': 'myproject.subscription_backends.Redis',

Writing a backend:

You can subclass subscription.backends.BaseBackend. Right now the options are:

text - required - The message to post to subscribers
subscribers_of - Gets the recipients from the Subscription model
dont_send_to - Useful for supressing comment messages to their own author, for example
send_only_to - Useful for other things I guess
actor_display_self - Usually 'You', in case you want to emit a notice
actor_display_other - Usually 'Some Person' <has comment on...>
actor - Who's doing the emitting? How we figure out the above
format_kwargs - applied to 'text' arg (above) via string.Formatter
**kwargs - Passed onto your backend subclass in case you need more info