Make your Alfred more powerful. (include Workflows, Extensions and Themes)
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Alfred Workflows/Extensions/Themes

Make your Alfred more powerful. (Alfred 2 powerpack required)

For more workflows, check and Workflow Searcher

Sublime Like (Alfred 2 Theme)

[Download Link]

Make your Alfred look like [Sublime Text 2] ⌘ +Sift +P

Sublime Like

Copy Path (v1.0 Released 2014.05.05)


[Download Link]

Copy files' path in Finder to Clipboard.



Workflow Searcher (v1.2 Released 2013.04.25)


[Download Link]

Search workflows from API List

  • Get the download & released link of the workflow you search.
  • API file Cache 6 minutes(360s)



Shorten URL (v1.5)


[Download Link]

This workflow support URL shortener like below.

You can use Hotkey to trigger without outpen Alfred input window.
Also available in PopClip Extension


  • To use this workflow without copy/paste, just use Alfred trigger HotKey [#1]
  • How to custom your own service sort? [#2]

Shorten-URL-trigger Shorten-URL-notification

(If you need more services to be added, please let me know.) setup

For this to work you need to add your Google API key first by modifying the corresponding string of short Script Filter in Alfred Workflow.

Default string:

0 : {'api_url':'','title':'','des':''},

You need to add a ?key= value to url:

0 : {'api_url':'','title':'','des':''},

SEO Checker (v1.0)


[Download Link]

Check domain's PR, Alexa, etc instantly in Alfred feedback.

SEO-Checker-input SEO-Checker-notification

(If you need more SEO services to be added, please let me know.)

GeekPark (v1.1)


[Download Link]

一个给GeekPark用户的Alfred 2 workflow.

  • 获取最新极客阅读,指令:n 或 new
  • 获取最新极客广播,指令:v 或 video
  • 列表状态下按住Command键,可以只复制URL到剪切板
  • 列表状态下按住Opition键,在搜索引擎中检索该文章
  • 更多功能添加中...


V2EX (v1.0)


[Download Link]

一个给V2EXer用的Alfred 2 workflow.

  • 获取最新文章列表,指令:n 或 new
  • 获取指定用户的文章列表,指令:@hzlzh
  • 列表状态下按住Command键,可以只复制URL到剪切板
  • 列表状态下按住Opition键,在搜索引擎中检索该文章
  • 更多功能添加中...


CDN Searcher (v1.0)


[Download Link]

  • 快速获得 JS/CSS/Image 等项目的 CDN 的链接,如:jQuery、Bootstrap等
  • 这是第一版,下一版会支持版本选择等功能
  • API文件会在本地缓存,时间为24小时
  • CDN服务使用:


Quick Open Finder (v1.0)

[Download Link]

  • Quick open wirh hotkey.

XAMPP Control (v1.1)

XAMPP Control Logo

[Download Link]

Start/Stop Apache & MySQL & FTP of XAMPP in Alfred with PowerPack. From now on you will be no longer launch XAMPP in your Dock continually.


Note: # Note: You may need to input your admin ROOT password just once when using this extension. To reset your ROOT password just run xampp root

run xampp {query} from the command chart below.

start         Start XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and eventually others)
startapache   Start only Apache
startmysql    Start only MySQL
startftp      Start only ProFTPD

stop          Stop XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and eventually others)
stopapache    Stop only Apache
stopmysql     Stop only MySQL
stopftp       Stop only ProFTPD

reload        Reload XAMPP (Apache, MySQL and eventually others)
reloadapache  Reload only Apache
reloadmysql   Reload only MySQL
reloadftp     Reload only ProFTPD

restart       Stop and start XAMPP
security      Check XAMPP's security

enablessl     Enable SSL support for Apache
disablessl    Disable SSL support for Apache

backup        Make backup file of your XAMPP config, log and data files

fix_rights    Resets file permissions.

Release Note


  • supported & root password auto-saved
  • Extension Updater supported


Released under MIT LICENSE.

Github: hzlzh/Alfred-Workflows/