Dot-B Social Media Icons Set — free for public use.
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#Dot-B Social Media Icons Set

— free for public use.

  • Icon for tumblr here -> Download ( updated 2011.10.21)
  • Icon for Github here -> Download ( updated 2012.08.26)
  • Icon for Pinterest here -> Download ( updated 2013.07.24)

Name: Dot-B Social Media Icons Set
Size: 32*32 (px)/PNG + PSD
License: Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives (by-nd)
Include: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Github Skpye Google+ tumblr Flickr Picasa Rss Delicious Tencent Sina
Ideas: Colorful and sample icons putting together with dots that is 1px to 1px.
It is a Social Media Icons Set designed for WordPress Theme "Dot-B", I release it so that everyone can edit or recreate their icons all by themselves.
Dot-B-Icons-preview Google-Plus-Icons
Designed by [hzlzh]( 'hzlzh's blog') on release page