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A bot used by the Babel team to automate common tasks in GitHub repositories. Allows taking action on events triggered from the GitHub webhooks API.

The bot is build as an AWS Lambda function, using AWS API Gateway to map the requests to an endpoint.


  • Create a new comment on newly opened issues
  • Reply to issue with canned response when Needs Info label is added
  • Add labels to new PRs identifying which packages from the monorepo have been touched

Future Bot Ideas

Adding a New Event

  1. Look at the list of GitHub webhook events to determine which your rule should respond to.
  2. Find (or create) a folder under src/handlers with the name matching the name of the GitHub event
  3. Create a new JS file under the directory, with the name matching the action you want your code to be triggered for
  4. Export a default function that accepts 1 argument, which will be the payload from GitHub each time the event is triggered.

Examples of existing event rules can be found in src/handlers.

Setting up AWS Lamdba/API Gateway as a Test Environment

Visit the guide for detailed instructions.


Examples of how to test a handler can be seen in src/handlers/issues/__tests__.

Deploying a New Version to AWS Lamdba

This process is currently manual, but will likely be automated in the future.

  1. Run yarn run package, which will create in the root of the repository
  2. Login to the AWS console, and find the function in the Lambda dashboard, under Functions
  3. Click the Upload button under the Code tab (Code Entry Type should be set to Upload a .ZIP file)
  4. Click Save