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Contributors on Github

The original idea was to show if it's a contributors first PR on the pull request page such as https://github.com/babel/babel/pull/3283.

Much thanks to @Pocket-titan and @djrosenbaum for working on the logo 🖼!


You can start from any page on github.com and when you navigate to a specific issue/pull request (such as https://github.com/babel/babel/pull/3331), it will inject information inline (like the # of PRs a user has made to that specific repo).

You can click on 🔄 to update the data if it has changed (it is cached in chrome storage).

If necessary, you may want to create or get a "access token" that uses the public_repo permission if you want to use a 30/min rate limit instead of 10/min.

If you want to use this on private repos then you'll need to add the repo permission instead. I would recommend installing locally for this.



  • "https://github.com/*/*": to be able to inject data into github
    • The content script was matching "https://github.com/*/*/pull/* which is correct, but if you start from the hompage, then the script won't ever be injected since github is using pushState to change urls. Now it will match https://github.com and then check for the specific url.
  • "storage", to store access token, cache user PR data.
  • "identity", to create an oauth request window.


I would recommend installing locally to try new features first (it's easy to update/revert/modify yourself) by just git pull.

Local Install

  • Download the zip, and unzip it

local install instructions

  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Click on Load unpacked extension...
  • Select the src folder of the unzipped folder you downloaded

Now try it out!