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Contributors on Github

The original idea was to show if it's a contributors first PR on the pull request page such as

Much thanks to @Pocket-titan and @djrosenbaum for working on the logo 🖼!


You can start from any page on and when you navigate to a specific issue/pull request (such as, it will inject information inline (like the # of PRs a user has made to that specific repo).

You can click on 🔄 to update the data if it has changed (it is cached in chrome storage).

If necessary, you may want to create or get a "access token" that uses the public_repo permission if you want to use a 30/min rate limit instead of 10/min.

If you want to use this on private repos then you'll need to add the repo permission instead. I would recommend installing locally for this.



  • "*/*": to be able to inject data into github
    • The content script was matching "*/*/pull/* which is correct, but if you start from the hompage, then the script won't ever be injected since github is using pushState to change urls. Now it will match and then check for the specific url.
  • "storage", to store access token, cache user PR data.
  • "identity", to create an oauth request window.


I would recommend installing locally to try new features first (it's easy to update/revert/modify yourself) by just git pull.

Local Install

  • Download the zip, and unzip it

local install instructions

  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Click on Load unpacked extension...
  • Select the src folder of the unzipped folder you downloaded

Now try it out!