Syscall Monitor is a system monitor program (like Sysinternal's Process Monitor) using Intel VT-X/EPT for Windows7+
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Syscall Monitor


This is a process monitoring tool (like Sysinternal's Process Monitor) implemented with Intel VT-X/EPT for Windows 7+.

Develop Environment

  • Visual Studio 2015 update 3
  • Windows SDK 10
  • Windows Driver Kit 10
  • QT5.7 for MSVC


  • QT GUI project: SyscallMonQT/
  • Windows kernel driver project: ddimon/DdiMon/DdiMon.vcxproj
  • Remember to modify the shadow build path to /build32 or /build64 when configure the QT project
  • Remember to modify the windeploy.exe path in deploy32/deploy64.bat, run deploy32/64.bat to deploy x86/x64 binary files to bin32/bin64
  • Remember to sign the x64 kernel driver file


  • x86 and x64 Windows 7, 8.1 and 10
  • CPU with Intel VT-x and EPT technology support

Reference & Thanks


1.Optimize the memory usage issue.


load symbol main frame process view event info event filter filtered filterable attributes process info