A group for getting extra practice and review for Downing's 371p OOP class
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Annotated Notes



UPDATE 5/23: I'll leave this repo up for future classes, and anyone that wants to add notes are still welcome to email me or submit pull requests. I hope this continues to help students in the future!

A group for getting extra practice and review for Downing's 371p OOP class

This revolves around 3 main concepts:

  • 1. Annotated notes
  • These are Downing's examples from class, annotated with a lot more comments for clarity, and sometimes even extra code.

  • 2. Annotated quizzes
  • The quizzes, with some explanation

  • 3. Questions
  • These are going to be the main focus. We consolidate some example questions over the content, and then have a separate document for their solutions. This is to get extra practice for the kinds of questions we see on tests.

If anyone wants to be added as a collaborator, drop me an email at hzsweers@utexas.edu and I'll be happy to add you! The plan is to hopefully get at least ~20 questions per week over the various concepts we go over in class. These will be much easier to come up with on the fly during lecture rather than looking back at notes later, but in the meantime we should try to get caught up on all the notes we've gone over since the last test and focus on preparing for test 3. Also feel free to add in your own notes, questions (tag as an issue, such as "could someone explain ____, make an example of ____, I don't understand the code in file ____ at line ____", etc).

Also PLEASE put your name with stuff that you submit, that way if anyone has any questions they know who to ask!