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The official implementation of "GRNet: Gridding Residual Network for Dense Point Cloud Completion". (Xie et al., ECCV 2020)


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This repository contains the source code for the paper GRNet: Gridding Residual Network for Dense Point Cloud Completion.

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  title={GRNet: Gridding Residual Network for Dense Point Cloud Completion},
  author={Xie, Haozhe and 
          Yao, Hongxun and 
          Zhou, Shangchen and 
          Mao, Jiageng and 
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We use the ShapeNet, Compeletion3D, and KITTI datasets in our experiments, which are available below:

Pretrained Models

The pretrained models on ShapeNet are available as follows:


Clone the Code Repository

git clone

Install Python Denpendencies

cd GRNet
pip install -r requirements.txt

Build PyTorch Extensions

NOTE: PyTorch >= 1.4, CUDA >= 9.0 and GCC >= 4.9 are required.


# Chamfer Distance
cd $GRNET_HOME/extensions/chamfer_dist
python install --user

# Cubic Feature Sampling
cd $GRNET_HOME/extensions/cubic_feature_sampling
python install --user

# Gridding & Gridding Reverse
cd $GRNET_HOME/extensions/gridding
python install --user

# Gridding Loss
cd $GRNET_HOME/extensions/gridding_loss
python install --user

Preprocess the ShapeNet dataset

cd $GRNET_HOME/utils
python /path/to/shapenet/train.lmdb /path/to/output/shapenet/train
python /path/to/shapenet/valid.lmdb /path/to/output/shapenet/val

You can download the processed ShapeNet dataset here.

Update Settings in

You need to update the file path of the datasets:

__C.DATASETS.COMPLETION3D.PARTIAL_POINTS_PATH    = '/path/to/datasets/Completion3D/%s/partial/%s/%s.h5'
__C.DATASETS.COMPLETION3D.COMPLETE_POINTS_PATH   = '/path/to/datasets/Completion3D/%s/gt/%s/%s.h5'
__C.DATASETS.SHAPENET.PARTIAL_POINTS_PATH        = '/path/to/datasets/ShapeNet/ShapeNetCompletion/%s/partial/%s/%s/%02d.pcd'
__C.DATASETS.SHAPENET.COMPLETE_POINTS_PATH       = '/path/to/datasets/ShapeNet/ShapeNetCompletion/%s/complete/%s/%s.pcd'
__C.DATASETS.KITTI.PARTIAL_POINTS_PATH           = '/path/to/datasets/KITTI/cars/%s.pcd'
__C.DATASETS.KITTI.BOUNDING_BOX_FILE_PATH        = '/path/to/datasets/KITTI/bboxes/%s.txt'

# Dataset Options: Completion3D, ShapeNet, ShapeNetCars, KITTI
__C.DATASET.TRAIN_DATASET                        = 'ShapeNet'
__C.DATASET.TEST_DATASET                         = 'ShapeNet'

Get Started

To train GRNet, you can simply use the following command:


To test GRNet, you can use the following command:

python3 --test --weights=/path/to/pretrained/model.pth


This project is open sourced under MIT license.