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2023.1.8 Engine based on Katago 1.12 start Modifying

Tasks Branch Stage Notes
1 Compile and run training Kata2023 Finished -
2 Chinese Rule Only(Remove JP rules) - Skipped
3 CaptureGo(Remove Go rules) - Skipped
4 Black-White board games(Remove Capture) BW2023/BWnoscore2023 Finished(outdated) Using Gomoku as a representative, very easy to be modified to other games. "BWnoscore2023" branch also removed komi and score
4.0 Remove score and komi BWnoscore2023 Finished(outdated)
4.1 Gomoku Gom2023 Todo New Katagomo engine
5 Chess-like games(Multi-stage moves) Movestone2023 Finished(outdated) Use Breakthrough as a representative, very easy to be modified to other games
5.0 Only X-axis symmetry. And flip Y-axis when playing white. (For chess-like games) MovestoneXsym2023 Finished subtreeBias and patternBonus are also removed

2022.1 Engine based on Katago TensorRT+GraphSearch

Updated on 2022.4.9

Gomoku/Renju: "GomDevVCN" branch



棋种 branch 状态 备注
1.各种变种围棋(保留中国规则,删掉日韩规则) CNrule2022 - 基础分支
1.1 加权点目 weightGo finished
1.2 某个子不能死 aborted 不做了,因为需要大量死活题作为开局
1.3.1 Hex 棋盘的围棋 HexGo aborted 懒得做了
1.3.2 Hex 棋盘的吃子棋 HexCaptureGo finished
1.4 落子没气先提自己 firstCaptureMe finished
1.5 一子千金 yiziqianjin finished
2.需要提子但不需要点目的 CaptureGo2022 - 基础分支
2.1 吃子棋 CaptureGo2022 finished
2.2 反吃子棋(不围棋) CaptureGo2022 finished
2.3 活一块就算赢(死活对局) lifego2 finished
2.4 黑棋活一块就赢,但是不能被吃子 aliveWin finished
2.5 吃子 n 子棋 aborted 以前做过所以不做了
2.6 白能吃黑,黑吃不掉白,黑棋最多多少手不被吃 EscapeGo finished
2.7 谁先没地方下谁输 yiziqianjin finished 视为特殊的一子千金
3.不需要提子,黑白交替落子的棋 Gom2022base - 基础分支,不跑训练
3.0 不打算做的
3.0.2 重力四子棋 aborted 以前做过,训练了很长时间
3.1 五子棋系列(各种规则) -
3.1.0 主线(无禁,有禁,无禁六不胜) GomDevVCN training 100b256f,以后会跑分布式
3.1.2 禁点五子棋 GomBanLoc finished
3.2 连五的个数 fivecount finished
3.3 反 n 子棋 AntiGomoku finished
3.4 Hex Hex2022 finished
3.4.1 反 Hex Hex2022 finished
3.5 等差数列 6 子棋 EquDifGomoku finished
3.6 Angels and Devils game AngelProblem finished
3.7 每一步必须在上一步的附近某些位置,满足某些条件获胜 -
3.7.1 一种特殊四子棋 con4type1 finished
3.8 Reversi(奥赛罗,翻转棋),反 Reversi Reversi2022 finished 为了在botzone上打榜,还是做了
4.一次走两步的棋,或者挪子的棋 Amazons - 把 Amazons 分支作为基础分支
4.0 国象,中象 aborted 别人做过,且效果不好,所以不做
4.1 六子棋(Connect6) Connect6 training
4.2 中国跳棋 tiaoqi finished
4.3 Amazons(亚马逊棋) Amazons finished
4.4 Breakthrough breakthrough finished
4.5 Ataxx(同化棋) Ataxx finished
4.6 各种极简象棋变种 todo
5.单人游戏 -
5.1 消消乐 xiaoxiaole todo
6.完全信息,但是有随机性 todo

Updated on 2021.4.5 Now Gomoku/Renju code is uploading in "Gomoku" branch.

----------- 2020.7.26 ----------

Now there are gomoku(freestyle,standard,renju,caro), reversi, connect6, breakthrough, hex, "four in a row", Chinese checkers, and many board games few people play.

Now it's the strongest program on this games as I know: all kinds of gomoku(compared with Embryo) connect6(compared with gzero) hex(compared with gzero and) Chinese checkers(compared with Shangxin Tiaoqi)


GTP engine and self-play learning in Go







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