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i-MSCP - internet Multi Server Control Panel

i-MSCP software appliance provides complete hosting automation for Linux platforms.

i-MSCP offers an easy-to-use graphical interface for administrators, resellers and customers, and complete functionality to manage the server and its components.

i-MSCP was designed for professional Hosting Service Providers (HSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and IT professionals.

With i-MSCP you are able configure your server and applications, create customers with domains with a few point-and-click operations that take less than a minute.

There is no limit to the number of administrators, resellers, customers and domains that can be created.

Enjoy the power of i-MSCP Your i-MSCP Team


See the INSTALL file of distribution you are using inside the docs directory.

  • For Debian: ./docs/Debian/INSTALL
  • For Ubuntu: ./docs/Ubuntu/INSTALL

You have successfully installed i-MSCP on a non-listed distribution? Great, send us your install instructions.


i-MSCP was originally developed by moleSoftware under the Name VHCS and forked a first time under the name ispCP. After getting Open Source it was released under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) Version 1.1. Also some integrated libraries was released under the terms of the GPL (GNU General Public License) version 2.0.

The script is from awstats which is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 and states the following: Copyright (C) 2000-2007 - Laurent Destailleur -

Unless otherwise stated all code is licensed under GPL 2.0 and has the following copyright:

Copyright 2010-2014 by i-MSCP Team - All rights reserved.

Please have a look at these Licenses. They are shipped with this release in the next files:

  • ./docs/LICENCE-MPL1.1
  • ./docs/LICENSE-GPL2
  • ./docs/LICENSE-LGPL2.1


i-MSCP is a Project of i-MSCP | internet Multi Server Control Panel. i-MSCP, internet Multi Server Control Panel and the i-MSCP logo are trademarks of the i-MSCP | internet Multi Server Control Panel project team.

Please visit our site for further information on i-MSCP.

We hope you enjoy using i-MSCP. If you like it, help us, to make it better. We would be glad on any help provided.

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