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module LICK.Expr
import LICK.ProgramType
import Data.List
%default total
||| A context is just the list of types for the defined variables.
||| The actual encoding is something like De Bruijn indices, but
||| we use `Elem type context` instead of `Nat`!
public export
Context : Type
Context = List ProgramType
||| Here is our vocabulary for expressing programs. We define our
||| constructors and use the GADT to manage the changes to the
||| context.
public export
data Expression : (context : Context) -> ProgramType -> Type where
||| A reference to a bound variable. Free variables are expressed
||| by using an explicit initial context.
: (reference : Elem programType context)
-> Expression context programType
||| A function abstraction from a value of the given parameter
||| type. The body is an expression for which the parameter is in
||| scope.
: (parameter : ProgramType)
-> (body : Expression (parameter :: context) programType)
-> Expression context (PFunction parameter programType)
||| Function application. Apply the given function-typed expression
||| to an expression of the parameter type.
: (function : Expression context (PFunction parameter return))
-> (argument : Expression context parameter)
-> Expression context return