[Working, On Hold] Framework for writing BDD specs in C# 3.5+ running under NUnit
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A framework and NUnit extension for writing BDD-style behaviours in a fluent manner, resulting in unit tests.

I plan to move this framework over to Gallio, as pure NUnit is a bit too restrictive.

FluentBDD NUnit Extension
This extension allows NUnit to see the FluentBDD tests, and structures the output tree nicely.

This extension library *MUST* be build with the "nunit.core.dll" and 
"nunit.core.interfaces.dll" libraries from the version of NUnit you
are using.

To install:
 - Build the solution
 - Copy "FluentBDD.dll" and "FluentBddNUnitExtension.dll"
   to "C:\Program Files (x86)\NUnit 2.x.x\bin\net-2.0\addins"
   (or wherever your version of NUnit is installed)
If you user TestRunner.Net, remember to update it's own copy of NUnit
(usually at "C:\Program Files (x86)\TestDriven.NET 3\NUnit\2.5"  or similar)

There is an aggressive and experimental powershell script "Install.ps1" which will attempt to 
build and install FluentBDD into every copy of NUnit in your Program Files folders.
To use:
Include "FluentBDD.dll" into your test project, and start writing
behaviours. NUnit will find and runs these as unit tests.

Have a look in the UsageExamples project, start with "CalculatorConcerns.cs"
There is a PowerPoint presentation to look through which gives the concepts and a 
walk through of a feature. A PDF is given if you don't have a PowerPoint reader.

Notes and known bugs:
ReSharper does not find tests to run, even with the extensions
installed. JetBrains don't support this style of plug-in. I will try to
find time to write a ReSharper plugin.