Some scripts for building Mono environments through Vagant (for Windows & Debian)
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Some scripts for building Mono build and deploy environments through Vagant (for Windows and Debian) Windows install scripts are long and complex-- some NuGet magic might help?

Network Setup

The vagrantfile supplied uses Bridged networking If you have problems with Bridged mode and DHCP ip addresses, it may be that the gateway is not correctly set. To fix this: sudo route add -host [your gateway] eth1 sudo route add -net netmask gw [your gateway] dev eth1

Work arounds for Vagrant box bugs:

If your box won't start, find the .vbox file (usually c:\Users...\VirtualBox VMs... under windows) Change: <CPU count="2" hotplug="false"> to: <CPU count="1" hotplug="false"> And change: <HardwareVirtEx enabled="true" exclusive="false"/> to: <HardwareVirtEx enabled="false" exclusive="false"/>

Generally, Guest-in-Guest isn't working well

Software that gets installed:

On host, by install scripts:

  • VirtualBox
  • Ruby
  • Ruby DevKit
  • Vagrant gem
  • Bundler gem

On Vagrant boxes, by Chef:

  • Mono
  • java (currently disabled)
  • nginx
  • rabbitmq (currently disabled)
  • ohai
  • git
  • open-ssh