Adds the ability to create multiple menu's in the CMS and then render them using a custom control
PHP Scheme CSS

Custom Menus


Developed and maintained by i-lateral


SilverStripe 3.3 or greater.

Installation Instructions

Downloading the module:

  1. Download and add the module to the "custommenus" folder in your SilverStripe root folder

  2. Run dev/build?flush=all

  3. Visit admin/menus/ to setup your custom menus

  4. In you template, use: <% loop CustomMenu(slug) %><% end_loop %>

You can also download and install this module using composer and packagist


Once the module is downloaded and installed, you can create menus and add pages to them using the "Menus" page in the admin interfacve.

To render these menus in your templates, you can either:

Add $RenderCustomMenu(menu-slug) to your template code. This will make use of the include to render a UL (with a unique class name).

Alternativley you can generate your own template by adding the following code:

<% if $CustomMenu(main-menu) %><ul class="menu">
    <% loop $CustomMenu(main-menu) %>
        <li class="$LinkingMode $FirstLast">
            <a href="$Link">$MenuTitle</a>
    <% end_loop %>
</ul><% end_if %>