Add image gallery functionality to your silverstripe website
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Silverstripe Image Gallery

Adds an image gallery to your silverstripe website.


This module was created by i-lateral.

Although this module can be extended with your own templates / JavaScript, the default makes use of:

The CoffeeScriper and his JavaScript adgallery.


Install this module either by downloading and adding to:


Then run:

Or alternativly add to your projects composer.json


Once installed, you can add a gallery to your site by creating a "gallery page" from within the CMS.

Under the gallery tab, you can then upload as many images as needed.

Changing the width and height of images

If you wish to change the width and height of the gallery images loaded, you can do this using the Gallery Config object (in you _config, or controller).

Gallery config has a static method called setDimensions() to do this.

For example, if you wanted to set your gallery to be 900px wide by 300px high, in your _config.php file use:


You can also use standard SS config to set GalleryConfig's statics, eg:

GalleryConfig::config()->width = 900;

Available configuration options

These are the config options that can be set through GalleryConfig

width (default: 800): Width in PX of gallery images height (default: 400): Height in PX of gallery images background (default: ffffff): If we use a padded image, set the background colour thumb_width (default: 150): Width in PX of thumbnail images thumb_height (default: 100): Height in PX of thumbnail images resize_type (default: crop): Type of resize to use on images, this can be:

  • crop: Crop image to exact size
  • pad: Pad image to size and add whitespace
  • ratio: Perform a ratio resize of images

Changing the gallery JS

By default, the galllery plugin uses jQuery Ad Gallery To set itself up, it calls the ss_galleries jquery plugin (gallery/javascript/ss_galleries.js).

If you want to switch out this behaviour, you can remove the default ss_galleries file and replace it with your own (in your controller or template).