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Flamingo is an application framework made in go. Focus on modularity, clean architecture, maintainability and operational readiness.


  1. flamingo flamingo Public

    Flamingo Framework and Core Library. Flamingo is a go based framework to build pluggable applications. Focus is on clean architecture, maintainability and operation readiness.

    Go 421 46

  2. flamingo-commerce flamingo-commerce Public

    Flexible E-Commerce Framework on top of Flamingo. Used to build E-Commerce "Portals" and connect it with the help of individual Adapters to other services.

    Go 471 72

  3. flamingo-carotene flamingo-carotene Public

    Flamingo Carotene is a tool to build frontends for Flamingo

    JavaScript 21 8

  4. dingo dingo Public

    Go Dependency Injection Framework

    Go 172 12

  5. example-helloworld example-helloworld Public

    Hello World Flamingo Example

    Go 11 9

  6. example-commerce example-commerce Public

    Tutorials for the first steps with Flamingo Commerce

    Go 4 1


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