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Flamingo Framework and Core Library
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* locale: Add support for various number types in price format template function

Add tests for price related template functions
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* core/locale: Keep float64 value type to avoid problems in pugjs
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What is Flamingo

Flamingo is a go based, framework for pluggable web projects. It is used to build scalable and maintainable web-applications. It's architecture is especially useful to build "frontends" for your headless microservice architecture.

  • open source
  • written in go
  • easy to learn
  • fast and flexible

Go as simple, powerful and typesafe language is great to implement and scale serverside logic. Flamingo has a clean architecture and uses "Domain Driven Design" and "Ports and Adapters" Layering - with clean and clear dependencies in mind.

The Flamingo Ecosystem

With "Flamingo Commerce" and "Flamingo Carotene" you get your toolkit for building Blazing fast commerce experience layers

Flamingo Commerce

  • Contains flamingo modules that provide „domain“, „application“ and „interface“ logic around commerce features
  • According to „ports and adapters“ these modules can be used with your own „Adapters“ to interact with any API or microservice you want.

Flamingo Carotene

Is the frontend build pipeline featuring pug and atomic design pattern

It can be used to implement modern and blazing fast commerce web applications.

Getting started

Check out the hello-world example and read the rendered documentation under

External Links:

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