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i-n-g-o Put keepAliveTick in more sensible location (#140)
* Put keepAliveTick in more sensible location

In short, keepAliveTick should not be reset every time a packet is received, since, for ex, a QoS 0 packet does not require an Ack. Likely related to #128.

Steps to recreate issue:
- Set client keepalive to 20 seconds
- dont publish anything for > 30 seconds
- spam the device with something like snippit below:

while :
mosquitto_pub -h hostname -t /test/topic -m 'test playload'
sleep $SPAM_DELAY;

* reset keepalive tick when send msg

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A Wrapper around mqtt for Arduino to be used with esp8266 modules.

It wraps a slightly modified version of mqtt for esp8266 ported by Tuan PM. Original code for esp: Original code for contiki:


secure libssl:

If you want to use secure communication, please use the secure-branch!