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Known issues

Failed to load

You see fine example of programmer art on a screen instead of a Flash movie:


That means you either have no or its location is unknown to freshwrapper. This project is a shim, adapter. It has no implementation of Flash technology itself, but allows using PepperFlash bundled with Chrome browser.

Usually installing Chrome (stable, beta, or unstable) is enough, those paths are searched among the others. If you do have on your machine in some non-standard location, you have to add a line to ~/.config/freshwrapper.conf with an actual path:

pepperflash_path = "/usr/lib64/PepperFlash/"

Flash version is incorrect

For example, PepperFlash have its version separated from binary, it's stored in a file named manifest.json. Make sure you have up-to-date manifest.json near It's worth to note this version is used only for plugin listing in browser. Various version detection scripts on the web will acquire correct version from Flash internals.

Web pages cannot find Flash at all

Firefox caches plugin verion information to avoid calling all of them at startup. Sometimes it marks Flash as non-functional and doesn't try to reload it at all. Can be fixed by removing pluginreg.dat file from firefox profile directory. That file will be recreated on next Firefox startup. Here is how to find where profile directory is.

Flash have crashed or hung

It's a bug. Create an issue about this. I need a scenario which can be used to reproduce an issue. It would be nice if you search through open issues to avoid duplicates.

Black screen with sound only

3d is enabled by default at the moment, and requiring working OpenGL ES 2.0. With some video adapters 3d doesn't work as intended for some reason. If you have the issue, disable 3d by adding enable_3d = 0 line to ~/.config/freshwrapper.conf. If 3d generally works, but fails only for some instances, try to disable 3d for transparent movies by adding enable_3d_transparent = 0 to ~/.config/freshwrapper.conf.

DRM doesn't work

Desktop plugin doesn't use PPB_Flash_DRM interface, but plugin from ChromeOS does. To get it, download latest version of That file contains a lot of links to ChromeOS recovery images for various Chromebooks. I tested one with "zako" in the name, it's for x86_64 hardware. Other recovery images may contain x86 and/or arm versions too. After download, find Flash player in /opt/google/chrome/pepper/ directory on partition 3. Partition have to be mounted with "ro" flag, otherwise it won't work.

After you extract (which is the only file you need from that entire image), add or update pepperflash_path parameter in configuration file ~/.config/freshwrapper.conf to point to where you put

Random network downloads fail

Some routers forcefully lowercase DNS queries, which interferes with dns0x20 security trick used by libevent2's DNS client. Configuration parameter randomize_dns_case is used to control whenever that trick is used. If you've enabled it, and have network issues, turn it off again. (See dns0x20 for details).

Where is mms.cfg?

Try ~/.config/freshwrapper-data/Shockwave Flash/System/mms.cfg