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Contribute to coconet project
There are six main ways to contribute to this project. The first one
is test the program and report the bugs founded. If you find any bug,
please visit the Testers section of this document to know how to
report it to us.
The next way of collaboration with the project is to donate some money
to help in the mainteinance of the project. This money can be assigned
to maintain the project's server (change hardware, renew the domain,
...) or to pay a developer to work full time in the project. To know
how to donate money to the project, please visit the Donations section
in this document.
If you prefer to translate either the program, the documentation or
the web page of the project in any of the languages needs, please
visit the Translators section of this document.
If you want to generate or modify the project's documentation, please
visit the Documenters section of this document.
If you want to contribute in the administration of the project's
server (where we have the webpage, the git repository and all the
resources of the project), please visit the Administrators section of
this document.
And, finally, if you want to help in the coding of the project, please
visit the Developers section of this document.
If you find another way to collaborate with the project, please
contact with exposing your idea.
The tests are one of the most important part of any project, because
is the way to check that the software is working as expected. If you
want to collaborate with the project making tests you have three ways
to do it:
* Test the software by hand. It's important to test every corner case
you can imagine and report every error you find.
* Create test case to test automatically the diferent functionality of
the software and some error cases. This test cases can be unitary
tests, black box tests, white box tests, ... Basically any type of
test you can tests :).
* Execute the existant automatic tests, report the bugs when found
them or fix the tests if the source code has change and the test is
not valid anymore as is.
The automatic tests are in the tests directory (what a surprise!), and
to execute them you have to run "make tests" in any directory with a
Makefile in it. When you run the tests you can see the results and
errors generated both in the screen and in a file generated in the
tests directory.
To report a bug please visit the project page at github
(, click on the Issues section and
add a new issue. Please, be as descriptive as possible with all the
information you can and add an email address to contact with you if
Remember that the important thing of the tests are find errors, so
it's important to test both the usual functionality and unusual
situations that never have to happen, and don't feel bad about
discover a bug, remember you are helping the project reporting it.
Actually we don't have defined a donation method to the project, but
if you want to donate some money or hardware (computers, keyboards,
monitors, ...), please contact <> or
<>, make your proposal and we find
the way to make the donation.
The project needs administrators to update the website, maintain the
email lists, ... In the repository you can find a document with some
tasks to do by the administrators sorted by difficulty and
priority. If you want to do any of the tasks please keep in touch with
the rest of administrators (ask at <>
for them) or write to <> in order to coordinate the
Coconet is handled in a git repository that you can find in the
github's project page at
There is a developer mailing list at
and a mailing list for the commits at,
and you can subscribe and access to them at
If you want to start collaborating with the project you can see the
TODO file that is in the repository, which is an org file (see emacs
org-mode) with tasks to do with its description, an estimation of its
difficulty, the person to ask about more information about the task
and, in the case, the person which has assigned this task. You can
also check the issues category in the github page to see the bugs
opened about the project.
TODO: Include information about the directory structure at the
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