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Ruby OsX Application Bundle Patcher

What for?

This tiny ruby script patches specific files in application bundles, it reads all nessecary informations from a xml file. I was tired of patching manually...


  1. Create xml file with all information. The structure is simple:
	<patch app="YourAppName" version="VersionNumber">
		<file path="PathToFile">
			<md5>md5 value of original file</md5>
				<original>code to patch</original>

<patches> can contain multiple <patch>-tags, as well as <patch> can contain more than one <file>-tags, <file> can contain multiple <md5>-tags and last but not least multiple <code>-tags. The original code should contain enough code to identify the correct location. Then the patched code replaces the original byte by byte from the beginning (please take a look at the example).

  1. Call patcher.rb with 2 parameters: $PathToApplication $PathToPatchFile

  2. You are done. A backup of the patched file was automatically created, in case something went wrong. The patcher appended the suffix .orig .


There is an example application "" and a corresponding xml-file. Feel free to test it with ./patcher.rb ./ ./patches.xml .


Torsten wrote the very first patch script, which inspired me to pimp it a bit. The sample application is taken from Andrew Nesbitt's blog: , which was modified by me, to demonstrate how the patcher works.


At the moment, this script only works with ruby version 1.8.7. I tested only what I needed for my stuff, so be careful.