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Use with_connection.

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1 parent 1f0bb11 commit 84fb704d1dbfab5a9d58d9d38a0923ecb49008f8 @i0rek committed Sep 24, 2012
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  1. +0 −14 lib/vcr/library_hooks/typhoeus.rb
  2. +7 −3 lib/vcr/library_hooks/webmock.rb
  3. +9 −1 spec/support/http_library_adapters.rb
@@ -87,20 +87,6 @@ def self.vcr_response_from(response)
-# @private
-module Typhoeus
- class << Hydra
- # ensure HTTP requests are always allowed; VCR takes care of disallowing
- # them at the appropriate times in its hook
- def allow_net_connect_with_vcr?(*args)
- VCR.turned_on? ? true : allow_net_connect_without_vcr?
- end
- alias allow_net_connect_without_vcr? allow_net_connect?
- alias allow_net_connect? allow_net_connect_with_vcr?
- end unless Hydra.respond_to?(:allow_net_connect_with_vcr?)
VCR.configuration.after_library_hooks_loaded do
# ensure WebMock's Typhoeus adapter does not conflict with us here
# (i.e. to double record requests or whatever).
@@ -128,12 +128,16 @@ def on_stubbed_by_vcr_request
::WebMock.after_request(:real_requests_only => true) do |request, response|
+ ret = nil
unless VCR.library_hooks.disabled?(:webmock)
- http_interaction = \
- typed_request_for(request), vcr_response_for(response)
+ ::Typhoeus.with_connection do
myronmarston Sep 24, 2012

Why are you accessing Typhoeus directly in the WebMock hook? Note that WebMock can be used in many environments, including environments that don't have typhoeus installed. This needs to work without accessing Typhoeus directly.

i0rek Sep 24, 2012 Owner

Oh, you're right! I shouldn't. Will look into it.

+ http_interaction = \
+ typed_request_for(request), vcr_response_for(response)
- VCR.record_http_interaction(http_interaction)
+ ret = VCR.record_http_interaction(http_interaction)
+ end
+ ret
::WebMock.after_request do |request, response|
@@ -164,7 +164,15 @@ def get_header(header_key, response)
def make_http_request(method, url, body = nil, headers = {})
- Typhoeus::Request.send(method, url, :body => body, :headers => headers)
+ request =, :method => method, :body => body, :headers => headers)
+ if VCR.turned_on?
+ Typhoeus.with_connection do
+ end
+ else
+ end
+ request.response
myronmarston Oct 1, 2012

make_http_request should make the request in the same way an end user would. I don't think an end user should have to check VCR.turned_on? or wrap Typhoeus.with_connection around each request they make to use Typhoeus with VCR.

Can we find an alternate way to make this work that puts the logic for this in VCR's typhoeus hook?

i0rek Oct 1, 2012 Owner

You're right, I'll think about it.

myronmarston Oct 1, 2012

I think the basic problem is that allowing connection (or not) is a global setting. What if it was a setting on each request object, and the request object got its default value for the setting from the global setting you have now? Then in the before hook, VCR could set request.allow_connection if VCR.turned_on? -- that way, VCR could ensure all connections are allowed for requests it is managing, but if VCR is turned off, the global setting would take over (unless something else changed the setting on the request instance, but that's fine--more flexibility!)

i0rek Oct 1, 2012 Owner

Sounds good to me!

i0rek Oct 2, 2012 Owner

I've added Request#block_connection: typhoeus/typhoeus@0caa30b. Do you change it yourself or should I submit a PR?

myronmarston Oct 2, 2012

I'll take care of it. Thanks!

def normalize_request_headers(headers)

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