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Supported Frameworks

framework url description
react.js react-i18next Internationalization for react done right. Using the i18next i18n ecosystem.
next.js next-i18next The easiest way to translate your NextJs apps.
next.js next-right-now Flexible production-grade boilerplate with Next.js 9 and Zeit Now, with pre-configured Sentry, cookies, Amplitude, Emotion, FontAwesome, GraphQL/GraphCMS (Apollo), Bootstrap (Reactstrap), i18next (Locize), Jest, Cypress (E2E tests) and CI/CD (GH Actions), with full TypeScript support and support for B2B multi-tenants web apps (monorepo)
angular.js ng-i18next Angular1/2 provider, directive and filter
angular.js ng2-i18next Angular2 service and directive
angular.js angular-i18next Angular 2.0+ integration (service, pipes, events)
vue.js vue-i18next Vue plugin for integrating i18next
vue.js vue-i18next Vue plugin for integrating i18next
vue.js vue-i18next2 Vue plugin for integrating i18next
omi.js omi-i18n omi-i18n solution for omi.js using i18next ecosystem
inferno.js inferno-i18next inferno-i18next is a translation utility for Inferno components
elm elm-i18next use i18next in elm
any http http-middleware Middleware to be used with Node.js web frameworks like express or Fastify and also for Deno.
express.js nodejs express middleware Middleware to use i18next in express.js (nodejs).
koa.js koa-i18next A middleware to use i18next in koajs.
koa.js koa-i18next-middleware An i18next middleware for Koa framework. Use with koa-i18next-middleware
hapi.js hapi-i18next i18next integration for hapijs
jquery.js jquery plugin Plugin to use i18next on jquery selectors.
html5 loc-i18next Plugin to use same API as jquery-i18next but with html5 selectors
aurelia.js aurelia-i18next An Aurelia-Wrapper for the i18next library
meteor.js i18next-meteor i18next repackaged for Meteor
polymer i18next-element Polymer friendly interface to i18next
ember.js ember-i18next Integrates i18next into Ember CLI apps.
ember.js ember-cli-i18next Ember CLI addon to wrap i18next
knockout.js i18next-ko KnockoutJS bindings for i18next
phaser phaser-i18next Phaser plugin for translations using i18next
construct 3 c3-i18next A translation plugin for Construct 3 built on top of i18next
metalsmith metalsmith-i18next Metalsmith plugin for i18next to easily create multiple localised branches of your site.
.net I18Next.Net .NET library based on .NET Standard 2.0 with a rich featureset like the original i18next supporting .net DI and translations; also comes with plugin support
.net i18next-net .NET C# class for i18next functionality
php i18next-php PHP class for basic i18next functionality. fork of
php i18next-php Port of i18next for PHP
rails i18next-rails An asset gem containing bundled i18next javascripts
rails rails-asset-localization asset pipeline localization using i18next for rails 3.2 & 4
ios i18next-ios i18next for iOS
android i18next-android i18next for android
webcomponent kwc-i18next Web component interfacing i18next
webcomponent i18next-wc Web components interfacing i18next and Intl
marko.js marko-i18next Components to use i18next in Marko templates.
virtualdom i18nextify one liner script to enable i18next on any site
Handlebars handlebars-i18next Handlebars helper that lets you translate with i18next inside your templates.
Handlebars handlebars-i18n adds the internationalization features of i18next and Intl to handlebars.js.

Supported Environments

i18next supports the two most recent versions of evergreen browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc). i18next also runs in Node and Deno.