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TypeScript defintion file does not allow you to call just $.i18n.init(options) #89

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I believe the TypeScript definately typed file i18next.d.ts is missing a definition to allow the blocking init(options); method to be called when the getAsync: false. Suggest that the following defintion is added to the TypeScript file to support the scenario where you want to just call init() from TypeScript and have it block until the resources are loaded:

init(options: I18nextOptions): void;



isn't this defined in line 87:
init(options?: I18nextOptions, callback?: (t: (key: string, options?: any) => string) => void ): JQueryDeferred;

not sure...not using typescript at all - not a big fan of this stuff. Can you do a pull request?


closing because no feedback

@jamuhl jamuhl closed this
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