Presentation materials for Xiaodong Qi's CQuIC talk in 2013.
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This repo hosts the presentation LaTeX source code of Xiaodong Qi's CQuIC presentation given in 2013 Spring. The PDF version can be downloaded from the release channel.

The template.tex and some figures used in the presentation were downloaded from internet. Other content and materials are free to reuse under the GPL v2 open-source license.


Collective Emission Studies Using Green Function Method.

Quantum Optics is a field where quantum theory and optics merge together. This presentation will introduce the Green function method in the scenario of cavity-QED to demonstrate the link bridging quantum and optics to study the quantum nature of ensemble emissions. Applications will be illustrated as my master's thesis studies on collective photon emissions of an exciton ensemble in an optical cavity. Pumping dynamics and collective modification effects (superradiance and subradiance) on the cavity's spectrum will be presented. Some possible research topics using the Green function method on quantum control and measurement of atoms in nanophotonic structures will be discussed at last.


Xiaodong Qi, The effects of multi-exciton interactions on optical cavity emission, Master of Science Thesis, Queen's University (2012).

Xiaodong Qi