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Join the chat at

This is the GitHub repository for the JuliaQuantum organization's main website, On the issue page, announcements and discussions regarding the JuliaQuantum organization and associated projects are also actively posted. Please watch or star this repository to receive prompt notifications of the organizational activities.

Related: The overall roadmap for the organization can be found in the Roadmap project page. The list of current projects under JuliaQuantum can be viewed on the project summary page. There is also a Resources repository storing shared resources related to our projects and organization. Members of JuliaQuantum org have write access to this repository, as well as the Roadmap and Resources repositories.

To become a member of JuliaQuantum, please write to quantumjulia AT You don't need to be a member of JuliaQuantum in order to contribute to our projects. The Basic Agreement describes some common knowledge for memberships and contributing to JuliaQuantum.

How to Edit the Website

The JuliaQuantum Website is generated in a blogging style using GitHub pages and Jekyll, follow these instructions.

There are many ways to edit and preview the website. In general, you can either stick to an online tool like Prose or do so offline.

To edit and preview offline, be sure you have ruby installed, $ gem install bundler to install bundler, run $ bundle install from the root of this repository. You only have to do this once.

Now you can run $ bundle exec jekyll serve in the root of this repository to serve it, usually you can preview the website on http://localhost:4000. Drafts should be put into the drafts/_posts folder and can be previewed on a local computer. All posts should be named using the correct date of posting and a title joined by hyphens.