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Ionic Mobile App

i2CSMobile Shopping App for OpenCart/WooCommerce Backend

Note : This repository contains only the documentation of the i2CSMobile product. Please contact us via email if you would like to purchase the full source code. See details of the product at ionic marketplace for OpenCart and ionic marketplace for WooCommerce

Table of Contents

Looking for the developer documentation of i2CSMobile ionic app? Click here

Visit for more info

This repository is the product documentation of i2CSMobile App for OpenCart Backend. Easily configurable with any version of existing OpenCart 2.x online shopping site via our API. Following are some of the features available,


  • Configurable banners
  • Configurable categories on front page
  • Shop by product category
  • Product reviews and rating
  • Featured items view
  • Infinite Scroll on product lists
  • SASS Styles
  • User registration
  • Special discounts for registered users
  • Mobile only discounts and offers (configurable from backend)
  • Conveniently search for products
  • Share products with friends via email, Facebook or other social media
  • Manage orders
  • Offers view to show special priced items
  • Offers/Discounted item banners
  • Get special mobile app only offers and discounts
  • Push notifications
  • Auto update the version
  • Google Analytics to capture user events
  • Internet Payment Gateways (Stripe included)

alt text

What you get

  • Full ionic source code (you may compile it to any platform, as you wish + change the source)
  • Full source code for OpenCart 2.x API module
  • User guide (how to setup push notifications, analytics etc)


OpenCart WooCommerce
Android App Google Play Google Play
Apple iOS App App Store
Ionic View ID 59e395a2 2cf20c90

OpenCart 2.x Demo backend

*Note : Push notifications and analytics are not available in the demo site

OpenCart 2.x Demo

Username: demo
Username: 1234

Get your own mobile app now. Contact us for more info :

ionic view id (59e395a2). please note that some functionalities might not work due to the limitations of ionic view.
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