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Loading CAD into Unity 3D applications
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CAD to Unity

This project is a collection of libraries and helpers to simplify the process of importing a CAD model into a Unity3D based application on runtime.

Possible formats

  • CATPart: 3D-Daten allgemein (Drahtgeometrie, Flächen, Körper); Workbenches: Part-Design, Generative-Shape-Design, Sketcher,..
  • CATProduct: Räumliche Anordnung und Organisation von CATParts und anderen CATProducts sowie weitere Meta-Daten wie Constraints, Sections, Annotations, Measures, Scenes, Workbench: Assembly-Design
  • CATDrawing: Zeichnungen, 2D-Daten; Workbench: Interactive Drawing
  • cgr: Datenformat zur tesselierten Darstellung von 3D-Daten, Workbench: Assembly-Design (im Visualisierungsmodus mit Cache)
  • igs/iges: Für 3D- oder 2D-Daten (Zeichnungen)
  • stp/step: Für 3D-Daten und Metadaten, mit Protokollen (Varianten): AP214, AP203,..
  • stl: Für 3D-Daten, tesseliertes, weit verbreitetes Format, große Datenmenge
  • wrl/vrml: Für 3D-Daten, tesseliertes und komprimiertes Format mit Texturen
  • 3dxml: Für 3D-Daten, neues tesseliertes Format von Dassault, kostenloser Viewer




  • wide spread
  • files are saved in ascii
  • one instance/part per line is the convention, but multiple files can be saved in one line
  • defined in ISO 10303-21, better walk away?
  • ISO 10303-21 defines the encoding mechanism on how to represent data according to a given EXPRESS schema, but not the EXPRESS schema itself.


  • wide spread
  • standard use case rapid prototyping, 3D printing and computer-aided manufacturing
  • describe only the surface geometry of a three-dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes
  • supports acsii and binary formats


  • is a standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics
  • has been superseded by X3D(iso standard)


  • uses xml to describe 3D geometries
  • no to be confused with x3D
  • 3DXML format is only supported by Dassault Systèmes product line
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