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Remove dead documentation for non-existing feature "stack-limit".

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Airblader committed Jun 9, 2015
1 parent 1d4b586 commit 9571200baa387eb0b4b0e8afd9d540175a95adc5
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BIN -4.87 KB docs/stacklimit.png
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@@ -503,17 +503,11 @@ default_orientation vertical

This option determines in which mode new containers on workspace level will
See also <<stack-limit>>.

workspace_layout default|stacking|tabbed
new_container stack-limit <cols|rows> <value>

@@ -2063,37 +2057,9 @@ bindsym $mod+y border 1pixel
bindsym $mod+u border none


TODO: not yet implemented
=== Changing the stack-limit of a container

If you have a single container with a lot of windows inside it (say, more than
10), the default layout of a stacking container can get a little unhandy.
Depending on your screen’s size, you might end up with only half of the title
lines being actually used, wasting a lot of screen space.

Using the +stack-limit+ command, you can limit the number of rows or columns
in a stacking container. i3 will create columns or rows (depending on what
you limited) automatically as needed.

stack-limit cols|rows <value>

# I always want to have two window titles in one line
stack-limit cols 2

# Not more than 5 rows in this stacking container
stack-limit rows 5

image:stacklimit.png[Container limited to two columns]


@@ -117,7 +117,6 @@ for my $line (@lines) {

# new_container changed only the statement name to workspace_layout
if ($statement eq 'new_container') {
# TODO: new_container stack-limit
print "workspace_layout$parameters\n";
@@ -184,7 +183,6 @@ sub convert_command {

my ($statement, $key, $command) = ($line =~ /([a-zA-Z_-]+)\s+([^\s]+)\s+(.*)/);
@@ -147,8 +147,6 @@ $input = <<EOT;
bindsym Mod1+s restart
bindsym Mod1+s reload
bindsym Mod1+s exit
bindsym Mod1+s stack-limit cols 2
bindsym Mod1+s stack-limit rows 3
bind Mod1+c exec /usr/bin/urxvt
mode "asdf" {
bind 36 mode default
@@ -161,8 +159,6 @@ ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindsym Mod1\+s mark foo$|), 'mark unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindsym Mod1\+s restart$|), 'restart unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindsym Mod1\+s reload$|), 'reload unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindsym Mod1\+s exit$|), 'exit unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindsym Mod1\+s stack-limit cols 2$|), 'stack-limit unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindsym Mod1\+s stack-limit rows 3$|), 'stack-limit unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindcode Mod1\+c exec /usr/bin/urxvt$|), 'bind changed to bindcode');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^mode "asdf" {$|), 'mode asdf unchanged');
ok(line_exists($output, qr|^bindcode 36 mode \"default\"$|), 'mode default unchanged');

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