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4.14 (2017-09-04)
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parser-specs/commands.spec \
parser-specs/config.spec \

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│ Release notes for i3 v4.14 │
This is i3 v4.14. This version is considered stable. All users of i3 are
strongly encouraged to upgrade.
Aside from many bug and documentation fixes, the “swap” command is a notable
addition of this release. As is almost tradition at this point, keybinding
handling has seen some fixes as well. A noticeable change for users with such
monitors is i3’s support for RandR 1.5, which transparently supports the TILE
property of first-gen 4K monitors and current 5K or 8K monitors.
│ Changes in i3 v4.14 │
• build: link libiconv explicitly for systems which need it
• build: move AnyEvent-I3 into the i3 repository
• docs/hacking-howto: add compilation instructions
• docs/ipc: add missing cases to the workspace event
• docs/ipc: document the “primary” field of the OUTPUTS reply
• docs/ipc: replace Go IPC library with a maintained one
• docs/ipc: add link to the ocaml-i3ipc library
• docs/ipc: fix invalid trailing commas in JSON examples
• docs/layout-saving: add section about troubleshooting window titles
• docs/testsuite: update for the move to autotools
• docs/userguide: clarify the move command syntax
• docs/userguide: correct “Esc” to “Escape”
• docs/userguide: clarify focus_follows_mouse behavior
• docs/userguide: expand on combining “workspace number” with a name
• docs/userguide: mention the magic v4 config marker
• man/ correct configuration lookup order
• i3bar, i3-config-wizard, i3-nagbar: use the Xft.dpi setting (see 4.13 notes)
• i3bar: restart bar status command on reload if it changed
• i3bar: treat left/right scrolling like up/down scrolling
• i3bar: accept “primary” in the “output” configuration directive
• i3-input: do not set input focus, grabbing the keyboard suffices
• i3-msg: return an exit code when missing the -t argument
• i3-sensible-editor: correct “mc-edit” to “mcedit”
• i3-sensible-terminal: add lilyterm, tilix, terminix, konsole
• respect SYSCONFDIR when looking for the default xdg directory
• use RandR 1.5 to query screens, supporting the TILE property commonly used
by multi-stream transport (MST) monitors, such as first-gen 4K monitors, or
current 5K and 8K monitors
• respect minimum size hints for floating windows
• support the _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW client message (for e.g. wmctrl)
• validate binding modes are not defined more than once
• only react to the last ExposeEvent in a series of events
• add the shutdown IPC event (upon “restart” or “exit”)
• treat left/right scrolling like up/down scrolling (on window titles)
• make the “layout toggle” command optionally take a sequence of layouts
• introduce --exclude-titlebar flag for mouse bindings
• introduce the “swap” command
• support the primary output in the “focus” and “move” commands
• compare keybinding modifiers for equality, not subset
• introduce the GET_CONFIG ipc request (i3-msg -t get_config)
• start i3-nagbar when encountering invalid set statements
• focus windows upon ConfigureWindow requests with stack-mode=Above
│ Bugfixes │
• i3bar: correct the color codes used for statusline errors
• i3bar: avoid freeze after VisibilityNotify
• i3-dmenu-desktop: fix quoted command names
• i3-dmenu-desktop: avoid adding items multiple times
• fix various X11 resource leaks, memory leaks and memory errors
• fix IPC success reply for the workspace command
• report errors during logfile creation
• fix the signal handler being blank
• display marks and the title even if the title is empty (for title_format)
• fix changing workspace layout from stacked/tabbed for empty workspaces
• add numlock fallback to “bindcode” where necessary
• fix a crash on restart when using marks
• fix renaming workspaces when the new name starts with “to”
• respect dont_warp flag when moving containers
│ Thanks! │
Thanks for testing, bugfixes, discussions and everything I forgot go out to:
akash akya, Armaël Guéneau, Baptiste Daroussin, Chih-Chyuan Hwang, cresh,
David Jimenez Sequero, Franz König, fred777, Ingo Bürk, Jakub Wilk,
Jens-Wolfhard Schicke-Uffmann, Johannes Lange, lasers, lebenlechzer,
loungecube, Maarten Dirkse, Manuel Mendez, Max Fisher, Mihai Coman, Nathan
Schulte, s3rb31, Sebastian Larsson, Stefan Hagen, Tobias Hänel, Tony Crisci,
Trevor Merrifield, Zbyněk Moravec
-- Michael Stapelberg, 2017-09-04
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# Run autoreconf -fi to generate a configure script from this file.
AC_INIT([i3], [4.13], [])
AC_INIT([i3], [4.14], [])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign subdir-objects -Wall no-dist-gzip dist-bzip2])

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