Improving resize by adding percentage for fixed tiles #2608

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cyphunk commented Dec 15, 2016

It would be great if i3 config had an option to set the default width percentage for a newly opened window. For example, with one terminal open in tiled mode, when a browser window is opened it is just slightly too small and I always wind up resizing manually. (The same is true for editors and email clients) It would be great to have a way to specifiy a percentage for width of a certain windowed+tiled application. This is similar to issue #1219 except that here we are discussing tiled windows not floating windows.


What’s the configuration surface you have in mind?

How does this feature position itself compared to saved layouts? I.e., if you are frequently creating a layout where there’s a browser and a terminal in a certain size, why not just use saved layouts?

Nymerea commented Jan 11, 2017 edited

@stapelberg I'm not sure we spoke about the same feature, but I also would like to have a shortcut for resizing my window.

I mean, I often use a browser at my first half screen and open somes terminales at second halfs.

For browsing (with firefox), 50% of screen is too tiny, having a way to set windows take like 70% of screen would be great.

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