Feature request: bar { mouse_scroll_workspaces [yes|no]; } #2630

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My position is exactly what @acrisci said: this already works in i3 the way he described it, so I see no reason to add such a directive.

@Airblader Airblader added the 4.13 label Jan 11, 2017
MachFour commented Jan 14, 2017 edited

He also said that having this directive is much more semantic and easier to find (in the docs presumably).

As it is, specifying

bar {
   bindsym button4 nop
   bindsym button5 nop

prevents all scroll-wheel operation on the bar, unless I'm mistaken.

But one might want to maintain the scrolling operation on other parts of the bar. For example, I can scroll on my volume icon in the system tray to change the volume, which is very useful.

Edit: Having tested it out, I realise that the above binding does not actually affect this functionality, but it's not hard to imagine having scroll events on parts of the bar itself that would be useful for similar things. (Such as a systray volume icon replacement?)


The bar { bindsym } only affects the workspace icons, not the status blocks or tray icons.

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