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Mouse binding with --whole-window and --release does not work #3459

tasnad opened this Issue Oct 15, 2018 · 3 comments


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tasnad commented Oct 15, 2018

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Current Behavior

Assignling this (from the i3 docs, --release added):
bindsym --whole-window --release $mod+button2 kill
only works in the title bar of windows (thus the --whloe-window flag is ignored).
In contrast, these work as intended:
bindsym --whole-window $mod+button2 kill
bindsym --release $mod+button2 kill

Expected Behavior

Kill the window with middle mouse button wherever I click in the window, as long as $mod is pressed.


i3 version: 4.15 (2018-03-10) 
set $mod mod4
bindsym --whole-window --release $mod+button2 kill
Supposedly relevant line from the log:
bindings.c:configure_binding:62 - Binding 0x561a457973f0 bindtype bindsym, modifiers Mod4, input code button2, release --release
- Arch Linux (Kernel 4.18.12-arch1-1-ARCH)
- compton (but issue is also there without compton)

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i3bot commented Oct 15, 2018

I don’t see a link to Did you follow (In case you actually provided a link to a logfile, please ignore me.)


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orestisf1993 commented Oct 17, 2018

2 problems: first one is easy, we need to request ButtonRelease events for windows:


Line 312 in 02284ac

xcb_grab_button(conn, false, window, XCB_EVENT_MASK_BUTTON_PRESS, XCB_GRAB_MODE_SYNC,

Second one is complicated. Apparently, we never get the ButtonRelease event if we use XCB_ALLOW_REPLAY_POINTER in


Line 324 in 02284ac

xcb_allow_events(conn, XCB_ALLOW_REPLAY_POINTER, event->time);
awesomewm also has this problem: awesomeWM/awesome#275 (@psychon). We can't always use XCB_ALLOW_ASYNC_POINTER because it "eats" the event.

What we could do, if we can't find a solution with AllowEvents, is similar to what we do with key grabs: specify button modifiers when grabbing and don't replay events. Buttons 1,2,3 are an exception since we always grab them for all windows: if there isn't a ButtonPress or ButtonRelease binding configured for one of these we should replay the event if we don't handle it elsewhere in route_click.

Or we could just check if we have a pending B_UPON_KEYRELEASE_IGNORE_MODS (applies to buttons as well) and if we do, use XCB_ALLOW_ASYNC_POINTER:

diff --git a/src/click.c b/src/click.c
index 1218a4c2..3f254d91 100644
--- a/src/click.c
+++ b/src/click.c
@@ -194,6 +194,15 @@ static int route_click(Con *con, xcb_button_press_event_t *event, const bool mod
             return 0;
+        } else if (event->response_type == XCB_BUTTON_PRESS) {
+            Binding *bind;
+            TAILQ_FOREACH(bind, bindings, bindings) {
+                if (bind->input_type == B_MOUSE && bind->release == B_UPON_KEYRELEASE_IGNORE_MODS) {
+                    xcb_allow_events(conn, XCB_ALLOW_ASYNC_POINTER, event->time);
+                    xcb_flush(conn);
+                    return 0;
+                }
+            }
diff --git a/src/xcb.c b/src/xcb.c
index bdfb08bc..5d349271 100644
--- a/src/xcb.c
+++ b/src/xcb.c
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ release_grab:
 void xcb_grab_buttons(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_window_t window, int *buttons) {
     int i = 0;
     while (buttons[i] > 0) {
-        xcb_grab_button(conn, false, window, XCB_EVENT_MASK_BUTTON_PRESS, XCB_GRAB_MODE_SYNC,
+        xcb_grab_button(conn, false, window, XCB_EVENT_MASK_BUTTON_PRESS | XCB_EVENT_MASK_BUTTON_RELEASE, XCB_GRAB_MODE_SYNC,
                         XCB_GRAB_MODE_ASYNC, root, XCB_NONE, buttons[i], XCB_BUTTON_MASK_ANY);

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orestisf1993 commented Oct 17, 2018

I think this should also work and it's even simpler: when grabbing a button use the appropriate event mask according to Binding->release

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